12 Printable Gift Cards for Your Business

printable gift cards

What do you do when you want to offer a personalized gift to your family, friend or colleague, but you’ve waited until the last minute to buy it?

Forget the generic greeting card! You can purchase and create a gift card printable template from a variety of websites, including Amazon, Etsy and others, and you can customize the gift certificate for the occasion and recipient. Then, your loved one can redeem the gift card at their future convenience and enjoyment.

Likewise, a small business can customize printable gift cards to sell to their customers, either online or in the store or restaurant. A printable gift card can be adorned with the company logo and business details, or it even can be printed with the recipient’s information, besting any sort of Visa gift card.

Benefits of Printable Gift Cards

Why purchase, download, and use a printable gift card? Why sell them to customers to gift your small business’s services? Printable gift cards carry a variety of benefits, including:

  • Marketing strategy – When a small business offers gift cards, it increases sales and promotes its brand to the purchaser, and attracts new business from the recipient when the gift certificate is accepted.
  • Appreciation – Printable gift cards are a great way to show appreciation to a boss, employee, customer, teacher or friend. Not only can they enjoy redeeming the digital gift card, but the personalization adds to the special feeling from the time it’s delivered.
  • Increased Revenue – Selling gift cards and gift certificates increase revenue through card sales, and many recipients end up spending more than the gift card’s value when they visit the store or website.
  • Customer Loyalty – Offering printable gift cards as part of a promotion, giveaway, deals or contests is a great way to inspire customer loyalty and win repeat business.

Printable Gift Card vs. Printable Gift Certificate

Gift certificates have been the standard option offered by many small businesses for years. A gift certificate template is simple to use and print on a home printer. However, many modern customers now prefer plastic gift cards, which are appealing because they can be reloaded and reused, therefore making them a “greener” option.

While plastic gift cards were once an offering reserved for major brands and large retailers, a small business now can offer the same options by employing gift card templates and a plastic printer. Of course, brands still can customize printable gift card templates in paper form, as well.

12 Amazing Printable Gift Cards You Can Download Today

Don’t present your customer, colleague or loved one with a generic greeting card or a predictable Apple gift card or Visa gift card. Instead, present them with a customized printable gift card to put in their wallet. All you need to do is select your printable gift card or gift certificate from an online store like Etsy, then receive your digital download once you checkout.

1. Gas Gift Card Holders

Gas Gift Card Holders

A gift card holder is a great way to personalize a physical gift card. Choose a gas card-themed printable gift card holder like this one to offer the gift of transportation, or you can find gift card holders for practically any occasion or store.

2. Holiday Digital Gift Card

Holiday Digital Gift Card

Looking to present holiday-themed Egift cards? A variety of printable gift cards and gift certificate templates are available for the occasion. This Santa-themed gift voucher from Etsy can be personalized with the gift, as well as the recipient’s name and a special note.

3. Editable Gift Certificate

Editable Gift Certificate

Some gift cards in printable PDF format are perfect for printing on a paper gift certificate or a plastic gift card. This printable gift card template can be customized with the gift amount as well as all the pertinent business details.

4. Etsy Store Gift Card

Etsy Store Gift Card

Looking for a last-minute gift for a loved one who loves shopping but hates to spend money? A variety of Etsy shops sell digital gift cards for the retailer that can be printed at home and given as gifts. This printable gift certificate offers $50 to be spent at the Etsy shop Hold Pretty Bobby Pin Boutique.

5. Teacher Appreciation Gift Card

Teacher Appreciation Gift Card

It’s not uncommon to offer small gifts of appreciation to teachers, who certainly deserve the thanks and recognition. Those seeking a creative way to display teacher appreciation can choose from a variety of gift certificates, gift card holders and money cards designed specifically for educators, such as the example above.

6. Gift Card Bundle

Gift Card Bundle

By purchasing a printable gift card bundle, any small business can be assured they have a handy yet thoughtful gift to offer just about any recipient. This bundle, sold by Etsy, includes customizable gift certificates as well as matching promotional thank you cards.

7. Birthday Gift Certificate

Birthday Gift Certificate

Want to offer a birthday present that’s sure to be appreciated by the recipient? An editable birthday gift voucher like this one is a great way to ensure your loved one or a customer feels special and enjoys their gift. Just add all the personal details, review, and print the voucher for an unforgettable birthday gift.

8. Skydiving Gift Certificate

Skydiving Gift Certificate

Printable gift certificates, vouchers, and gift cards are available for practically any type of occasion. Perfect for the adrenaline junkie in your life or at your workplace, this skydiving voucher is sure to be a thoughtful gift for the perfect recipient. Just purchase, download and print!

9. Custom Gift Card Template

Custom Gift Card Template

Looking for a custom gift card template to offer at your small business? This digital gift card can be customized for a brand to offer patrons at its business. It’s simple to edit the template, then simply print the certificate to offer to customers.

10. Mini Gift Card Printables

Mini Gift Card Printables

This mini gift certificate template is sold and Etsy and offers the perfect solution to a small business looking for printable gift cards to sell in their stores. In this example, users can add more content, including logo, business details and gift amount.

11. Personalized Gift Cards for Small Business

Personalized Gift Cards for Small Business

In another great example of a printable gift card template from Etsy, small businesses can print gift vouchers that look as though they were professionally designed. Customers will never guess the fancy vouchers offered at your stores were printed at home or in the office.

12. Photography Printable Gift Cards

Photography Printable Gift Cards

Perfect for a photography studio looking to offer gift photo packages or other savings, this printable gift certificate features a colorful image, and it can be customized with business details and the gift amount to redeem.



What kind of media do you print a gift card on?

Small businesses can print plastic gift cards on PVC plastic if they have a plastic printer. Otherwise, printable gift cards and gift certificates can be printed on any common printer paper or card stock.

Which is greener, a gift card or gift certificate?

Technically, a small business can offer greener gift vouchers by purchasing a plastic printer and offering reloadable plastic gift cards. If the establishment plans to offer fewer gift certificates, however, the traditional printed route can be just as effective.

Who can you give a gift certificate to?

Who can you give a gift certificate to? To who can’t you offer a gift voucher? Printable gift cards and gift certificates can be offered to customers, a family member like a daughter or uncle, a colleague or a friend. Gift certificates can be given to and redeemed by anyone, and can be the ticket to a simple but memorable gift for whoever you decide.

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