14 Printable Gift Tags

Once you’ve come up with the perfect present for a coworker, client, or colleague, a printable gift tag can provide the ideal finishing touch. There are tons of templates and styles you can shop to suit the specific needs of each gift. Here’s a varied selection of printable gift tags to consider the next time you recognize team members or attend a holiday party.

What Occasions are Printable Gift Tags Used For?

Printable gift tags can be used for nearly any occasion where people are giving gifts. Here are some specific times when printable tags may come in handy.

  • Holiday season gifts: The holiday season is full of gift exchanges and holiday parties. Use tags to personalize trinkets for clients, coworkers, or employees at your yearly gatherings.
  • Thank you gifts: When a colleague does something helpful, a thank you note can tell them how much you appreciate it. This gesture can be even more meaningful if your message is written alongside a small gift.
  • Special events: Tags can be the perfect way to personalize favors at special events, from corporate functions to goody bags to mark the start of a new school year.
  • Worker appreciation gifts: Show your team how much you appreciate their hard work by offering small trinkets attached to personalized tags that recognize their contributions.
  • Product tags: If you sell products online or at a physical retail store, unique tags can really stand out. And making your gift tags printable can help you easily edit your designs or details over time.

How Do You Make Your Own Gift Tags?

The easiest way to make your own gift tags is by downloading templates online. The list below includes several options for different occasions. Simply click the buy button for the one that works best for your needs. Then you’ll receive a file that you can download and customize with the recipient’s name and information. Once the tag is ready for printing, use a nice paper like card stock and affix the label with a string or ribbon to your gift.

printable gift tags

Best Printable Gift Tags for Small Businesses

Printable gift tags offer an easy way to customize and add style to any product. There are tons of printable options that you can download and print using your own paper and equipment. In fact, many designs can even be customized to match certain types of wrapping paper or decorations. Simply click the links below to easily download your next gift tag.

1. Personalized Wine Gift Tag

This lovely wine gift tag can be customized with a fun holiday message. Or you could quickly personalize it for customers before printing. Once the message is complete, you simply punch a hole near the top so that it easily fits over the top of a wine bottle. Wine sellers and gift shops can find this product here.

2. Worker Appreciation “Piece of the Team” Tag

These worker appreciation gift tags feature a fun design that’s perfect for a small treat like candy. This would be an easy option to add to small gift baskets or homemade treats in a gift shop as well. Check out the printable on Etsy here.

3. Gift Tag and Label Collection Templates

This collection of tags and labels includes a huge selection of printable files that are easy to download and customize. You can print them on a normal printer or use a specialty device like a Cricut to create shapes out of high-quality materials like fabric or vinyl, though this requires a little extra money upfront. Click here to see the full selection.

4. PDF Printable Tags for Handmade Items

These printable gift tags for handmade items can provide a perfect way for clothiers or handmade entrepreneurs to make products stand out. Consider using them for gift samples sent to local customers or retail outlets you’re considering partnering with. Check out the designs here.

5. Editable, Minimalist Gift Tag

These minimalist printable gift tags offer an easy way to show customer appreciation. Use them to create brand loyalty by including small gifts that accompany large or repeat purchases, or at special events for top customers. Here’s the link to purchase.

6. Anniversary Gift Box with Tag

This option includes an actual gift box full of goodies to show employees you care. Purchase one when team members are approaching a big work anniversary. Instead of getting a download link for the tag, you can customize it for the recipient when you purchase the set and receive the entire package with a personal message, ready to be delivered.

7. Editable Referral Tags

If you have a client who always provides great referrals, show your appreciation with this fun referral gift tag. Simply download the image and then give the printed gift tags with a nice pen whenever you meet with top clients.

8. Beautiful Gift Tags for Favor Gift Bags

These beautiful gift tags are perfect for favors at events. Simply attach them to each gift bag with some twine or string to add a personalized message that attendees will remember.

9. Personalized Monogram Gift Tags

If you want your gifts to feel truly special and high-end, a personalized monogram could be the perfect touch. Check out this product for a customizable design that you can add names and initials also.

10. Fully Editable Calligraphy Tags

These simple tags feature eye-catching calligraphy and fully-editable designs. You can add a store name or a personal message to customers. Print these tags on nice paper to really make them stand out.

11. Custom Hang Tags

These custom hang tags are actually printed for you and delivered as a physical product. Purchase here to customize tags with your own logo or branding, and choose the color and texture of the material that best fits your brand.

12. Round and Square Favor Tags

These round and square favor gift tags come in two different designs, both of which can be customized with your name, business, and other details. You can print them on a normal page or even add them to sticker templates. This gives you multiple options for displaying or giving gifts to employees or loyal customers.

13. Rustic Made With Love Gift Tags

These rustic gift tags feature the phrase “made with love.” So they’re ideal for displaying handmade products or homemade food items. Purchase them to use as part of gift baskets at special events or to recognize top clients or employees.

14. Blank Gift Tag Template

This blank gift tag template offers a clean slate for you to print your own custom design. Add your logo, colors, text, and images to make these tags really stand out. You can even change the designs over time using this same simple tag outline.


Image: Envato Elements

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