13 Printable Holiday Gift Tags

printable holiday gift tags

What makes the perfect addition to beautifully-wrapped Christmas gifts? Decorative gift tags are a great way to add a finishing touch when wrapping Christmas presents, as well as an effective way to personalize each gift’s design. You don’t have to spend a bundle on custom gift tags, you can buy inexpensive printable gift tag templates and create Christmas gift labels that are sure to enhance an already memorable package.

Benefits of Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Why should you adorn a Christmas gift with your own gift tags? Whether you’re buying customizable printable gift tags or you’ve found free Christmas tags to download, there are a variety of benefits to decorating your holiday season with fun tags, including:

  • Affordability – Whether they are free gift tags or inexpensive purchases, you save money since printable Christmas gift tags are a more affordable option than finished tags you buy at the store.
  • Personal touch – By downloading cute gift tags as pdf files, you often can customize the tags with a personal message and identifying details.
  • Sophistication – Your gift wrapping designs won’t be complete without attaching adorable gift tags that add a flare of sophistication to your holiday packages.
  • Originality – When you customize printable holiday gift tags, you guarantee that your Christmas gift will stand apart and leave a memorable impression.
  • Simplicity – By purchasing a digital download template of Christmas tags, it’s simple to create the labels by printing them on kraft paper, card stock, or even sticker paper.

XX Printable Holiday Gift Tags You Can Download Today

Whether you’re looking for funny Christmas gift tags or sophisticated custom holiday tags, you can find printable digital downloads on a variety of websites, including Etsy. Check out the following 13 printable Christmas tags for your perfect option or needed inspiration:

1. Merry Christmas Gift Tags

Merry Christmas Gift Tags

Wish your friends, loved ones and colleagues a merry little Christmas with these colorful printable Christmas tags. Not only do the Christmas gift tags feature a colorful holiday greeting, but the tags can be customized with a personal message.

2. Christmas Tree Printable Gift Tags

Christmas Tree Printable Gift Tags

These printable Christmas gift tags feature a beautiful watercolor Christmas tree and a scripted holiday message. Dazzle your gift recipients by customizing a greeting at the bottom of these white Christmas gift tags.

3. Boho Christmas Gift Tags Set

Boho Christmas Gift Tags Set

Looking for a variety of printable Christmas gift tags? This set of eight classic Christmas gift tags boasts boho-inspired designs. With so many digital templates from which to choose, you can print and attach an assortment of labels for your gift wrapping designs.

4. Editable Holiday Gift Tag Bundle

Editable Holiday Gift Tag Bundle

Another adorable bundle of Christmas tags, this set of printable package decor boasts a variety of endearing holiday messages with fun designs. A great collection for anyone who wants to add a personal touch to their Christmas packages, all the tags in this bundle are sure to leave a lasting impression.

5. Printable Christmas Gnomes Tags

Printable Christmas Gnomes Tags

Do you love celebrating the holiday season with Christmas gnomes? The adorable printable tags feature popular characters and a beautiful Christmas message. Attach these printable Christmas gift tags to your holiday gifts to add a personal touch to your season.

6. Colorful Holiday Gift Tag Collection

Colorful Holiday Gift Tag Collection

Are you looking for colorful yet simple printable Christmas gift tags? Look no further than this striking holiday collection. The digital download features six different designs, so you can make a single purchase while adding variety to your gift wrapping experience.

7. Personalized Merry Christmas Gift Labels

Personalized Merry Christmas Gift Labels

These Christmas gift tags feature a bold holiday greeting along with a colorful image of holly. You can customize the Christmas tags with a personal greeting or gifter details, so your gift will be one-of-a-kind.

8. Custom Classic Holiday Gift Tags

Custom Classic Holiday Gift Tags

Some of the most beautiful gift wrapping designers don’t feature fancy graphics or images. This printable download allows users to create beautiful custom Christmas tags that feature the recipeient’s and the gift-giver’s personal details.

9. Giant Holiday Gift Tags Bundle

Giant Holiday Gift Tags Bundle

Gift givers seeking a giant bundle of printable Christmas tags should check out this collection of creative cut files to adorn their holiday gifts. For a single, inexpensive purchase, users are treated to an assortment of free printable Christmas tags in a variety of holiday-themed shapes.

10. Santa Hat Personalized Gift Tags

Santa Hat Personalized Gift Tags

What’s a holiday gift wrap design without the presence of Santa? Not only can this printable Christmas gift tag with a Santa hat be personalized, but the template also features a second colorful tag with a Christmas elf design.

11. Printable Christmas Trees Gift Tags Template

Printable Christmas Trees Gift Tags Template

What better way to adorn your holiday gifts than attaching a classic gift tag decorated with a Christmas tree or two? Just personalize the message on this printable gift tag template, then print the gift tag and use a hole punch and ribbon to complete your gifts.

12. Happy Holidays Gift Tags with Christmas Lights

Happy Holidays Gift Tags with Christmas Lights

If you’re looking for a colorful holiday gift tag that is sure to make your gifts stand out, then consider downloading this printable Christmas gift tag with beautiful holiday lights. You can print the tags from your home computer, and add them to gifts for kids or adults.

13. Snow Birds Gift Tags for the Holiday Season

Snow Birds Gift Tags for the Holiday Season

For a beautiful holiday gift tag design, check out this striking watercolor depiction of a lovely snow bird surrounded by a winter wonderland. The life-like image is sure to bring hope to your gift recipient and create a gift wrap design they won’t forget.

Why Should I Use Printable Christmas Gift Tags?

Printable Christmas gift tags in all types of styles are a great way to add flair to Christmas presents, while they also save time and money compared to traditional gift tag options. These printed gift labels are an effective and memorable way to say, “Merry Christmas.”

How Do I Get Free Christmas Gift Tags?

While most printable Christmas gift tags are available for only a couple of dollars, some holiday tag templates are completely free, which can be a great thing. You can find free printable Christmas tags from a variety of websites that can be located through a simple Google search. Even Etsy features a multitude of free printable Christmas gift tags among its vast collection. Just choose your favorite free printable gift tags, access the free download, and print the design from your computer.

How Do I Print Small Gift Tags?

It’s no wonder printable Christmas tags are so popular. Not only are they adorable on holiday gifts, but they also save time and money. But how do you print small gift tags to attach to your presents? The following steps will help you create your crafts at a level of expertise that would make Santa and his elves jealous:

  • Download the digital file that was emailed to you.
  • Choose the type of paper or card stock you will use to print your tags.
  • Adjust your printer settings to select borderless printing.
  • Adjust the color settings on your printer. Will your gift tags be in full color, or a classic black and white version?
  • Customize your image using whatever program the template recommends.
  • Print your holiday tags, and cut them to the appropriate size.
  • Create a hole in the tag and attach it with a ribbon on a string.

Image: Envato Elements

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