Printable Menu Templates: Entice Customers with Our Appetizing Designs

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If you’re running a restaurant or hosting a dinner party, creating a menu is an essential task. However, designing one from scratch can be time-consuming and overwhelming. That’s where printable menu templates come in handy. With 16 different options to choose from, you can easily find a menu template that fits your style and needs. Let’s begin!

Different Types of Printable Menus

Printable menus come in different types such as those for a restaurant, a wedding, and customers. They are useful for showcasing food and drink offerings and can be customized to fit specific needs.

How to Use a Printable Blank Menu Template

Using a printable blank menu template is easy. Simply download and customize it to fit your needs, including adding your menu items and logo. Then print and use it to showcase your food and drink offerings.

Downloading and Using the Templates

Your first step will be to download a menu template. Once downloaded, you can customize the template to fit your needs, including adding your menu items and logo. Then print and use it to showcase your food and drink offerings.

Customizing Your Template

As mentioned above, you can customize your template to fit your needs. This includes adding items and logos, as well as changing the size, style, and color of fonts and backgrounds. You can also add images and other graphics to make your menu stand out.

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16 Amazing Printable Menus Available Right Now

If you’re looking for a great menu template to download and print for your business, then look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 16 amazing printable menu design ideas that are available right now. Whether you need to create a menu for a restaurant, wedding, or event, these templates are sure to impress.

Restaurant and Bar Menu Templates

1. No Frills Food Menu

The product is a digital download of a menu template in RTF format, editable through Templett’s online editing tools. The customer can edit text, clip art, and backgrounds, and download them in different digital formats. Printing can be done on 8.5″ x 11″ card stock paper. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed, and no returns or refunds due to the digital nature of the product.

2. Modern Restaurant Menu

The digital product is an editable template that can be downloaded and printed via Templett’s online editing tools. It can be customized with text, clip art, and backgrounds, and is available in various file formats. It cannot be edited on a tablet or phone, and returns are not accepted.

3. Restaurant Food Menu

Customers can purchase a digital download of a Restaurant Menu Photoshop Print Template. The editable template includes text, shapes, and an image. It requires Photoshop CC or a higher version and is print-ready with 300 dpi CMYK. The download package includes one PSD file and a Help.txt file with the used fonts.

4. Trendy Restaurant Menu

This digital download offers a modern and trendy restaurant menu template that can be edited, printed, and enjoyed using Templett’s online editing tools. Users can edit all elements of the menu, including text, clip art, and backgrounds. The template can be downloaded in various digital formats and printed on 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock paper.

5. Seasonal Menu Template

This digital download offers a letter-sized restaurant menu template that can be easily edited in Microsoft Word. The template includes text boxes, tables, and styles to simplify menu creation. The purchase includes a Microsoft Word template file and a PDF with links to download the fonts used in the design.

6. Watercolor Bar Menu Template

The seller has sold 74,791 copies of a minimalist-style watercolor Bar Menu Template drinks sign. The digital download includes one PDF file type, 120 watercolor cocktail illustrations, and two size options. The seller is a Star Seller, which consistently earns 5-star reviews on Etsy.

7. Lunch Menu Template

This digital download is a minimalist restaurant dinner menu template that comes in 1 RTF file type. Users can edit all text, clip art, and backgrounds online with Templett’s editing tools and choose from various digital formats to download. The final size of the menu is 8.5″ x 11″ after cutting.

Restaurants by Type Menu Templates

8. Sushi Restaurant Menu Template

The Sushi Restaurant Menu Template boasts an easy-to-use online editing tool, Templett, allowing users to create and customize their own food menu designs with style. With the ability to edit text, clip art, and backgrounds, users can choose from a variety of digital file formats and print their creations at their leisure.

9. Fast Casual Pizza Place Menu in Sand

This digital menu template can be edited online using Templett’s software at no extra charge. Users can edit text, logo, clip art elements, and background before downloading the digital file in different formats. The template is suitable for fast-casual restaurants and can be printed or sent to printers. The price of the template is $5.59.

Cafe and Coffee Shop Menus

10. Coffee Shop Price List

Customers will love this coffee menu template is available for instant download and can be edited in Canva for free. The template includes a single-page menu suitable for coffee shops and comes with customer support and lifetime access. The price of the template is $4.40, which is 10% off the original price.

11. Minimalist Café Menu Template

This editable restaurant menu card template is available in two sizes and can be used for cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks. The fully customizable template can be edited using the free online software, Templett, and is available for unlimited access.

12. Coffee Shop Menu with Greenery

HrtisticStudio offers a customizable self-edited menu template for restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. Available in two sizes, the template can be personalized in three steps and downloaded in various file formats. Colors may vary slightly.

Catering Menu Templates

13. Full Picture Wedding Menu Template

This ColorfulPrintablesCo upload offers menu templates for weddings in various designs such as Elegant Engagement Menu and Modern Wedding Menu. The templates are editable using the Templett app and available in two sizes, 4×9 and 5×7. Customers receive a link to edit their template upon purchase. The digital image file type is a JPG, and the templates are not available on mobile devices.

14. Food Truck Menu Template

ArkunDesigns offers a digital Food Truck Menu Template, editable in Templett, which can be downloaded and printed. The template features customizable text, clip art, and backgrounds. The size of the menu is 11″ x 8.5″. The content of the template is suitable for fast-food advertising and can be customized with a logo.

15. Black and Gold Birthday Menu Template

This is a digital download for a Black and Gold Menu Card – Menu Template and Drink Menu Event Menu Template. The seller has a high rating and offers fast, affordable printing services. The item is editable and can be downloaded in various graphics file formats.

Bundled Menu Templates

16. Premium Restaurant Menu Bundle

This bundle kit offers over 300 food marketing templates for social media, including Instagram and Facebook posts, Pinterest pins, restaurant menus, logos, and more. It’s customizable in Canva and comes with a free step-by-step tutorial. The seller has a 5-star rating.

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