15 Printable Planner Choices

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Printable planner templates provide an easy and affordable way for small business owners and professionals to stay organized. There are tons of options available to suit each person’s style and needs. Whether you’re looking for printable daily planners or a set weekly schedule, here are some options.

What Is a Printable Planner?

A printable planner is a digital file that includes spaces where you can fill in various tasks or appointments. The exact formatting varies; some may include a weekly schedule, while others offer space for a daily to-do list. Once you find and purchase a design you like, you receive the file and can print the planner on your own or use a printing service.

Benefits of Printable Planners

If you’ve never used a printable planner template, here are some reasons you might consider one for 2023:

  • Easy to customize: There are printable planner pages available for nearly every style and purpose. You can even mix and match to suit your needs or add printable daily planners to an existing planner for increased usability.
  • Affordable: Planner templates are often less expensive than traditional planners. You can simply add them to a binder or folder to keep them organized on a tight budget.
  • Provides a tangible tool: Planner templates offer a physical object that you can keep with you through your work schedule and at home. Even if you aren’t connected to the internet or want to spend less time on your devices, it’s easy to check your schedule and to-do list.
  • Increases productivity: You’re more likely to check your planner frequently if you like the design and usability. With so many weekly and daily planner options available to print, you’re likely to find something that suits your style.
  • Can help with work-life balance: Planner templates also include tons of options for personal organization, like a menu planner or tools for tracking your daily water intake.

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15 Useful Printable Planner Templates to Download

If you’re interested in improving your time management and organizing your work schedule in 2023, these printable planner templates may help you achieve your goals.


1. Weekly Planner Printable

This weekly planner allows you to outline daily tasks along with notes or priorities for the week. Download here to print or access a fillable PDF.

2. Daily Planner Printable

If you want to plan each day in more detail, consider a daily schedule printable. Check out this product to detail each hour of the day and prioritize important tasks and appointments.

3. Monthly Planner Printable

A monthly planner template provides a more long-term view of your schedule and tasks. You can write all the tasks and priorities you need to accomplish and distribute them throughout the entire month. Download this option for a lined monthly calendar for 2023.

4. Hourly Planner Printable

Hourly planners allow you to time block all the hours of your work week. You can print these out for each individual week, or use a general template to refer back to. Download this printable PDF, which can work for either purpose.

5. Monthly Calendar Template

Those who want to zoom out can also print monthly calendar templates. These printables offer a full view of each month so you can write down meetings, birthdays, and other important events.

6. Weekly Hourly Planner

Many hourly planners include a single day on the page. But check out this printable version if you want the entire week broken down by hour.

7. Printable Planner Pages

There are also products that include a full selection of printable planner pages, from daily agendas to monthly calendar pages. Check out this option to print an entire planner in one.

8. Printable Planner Stickers

Stickers can help with daily planning by making important dates and tasks stick out. There are a variety of stickers available, from funny to useful. This set offers stickers you can customize with your own labels or notes.

9. ADHD Planner Printable

Planners can be especially useful for helping people with ADHD focus on specific tasks. This ADHD planner template includes a wide array of pages that provide scientifically-backed structures for staying organized.

10. Blank Weekly Planner Printable

Some weekly planner templates include the actual dates or specific prompts. For those looking for a simplified version, they can fill in themselves, check out this minimalist weekly planner.

11. Business Planner Printable

If you’re preparing to start a new business or improve an existing one, a business planner template may help. This bundle of printable pages offers several prompts and worksheets in various designs to help you start planning your next venture.

12. Cute Planner Printables

If you prefer to organize your thoughts and stay on task using cute business tools, a stylish planner template may keep you productive. There are tons of designs to choose from, including this colorful option.

13. Planner Cover Printable

If you want to organize planner pages into an actual binder or notebook, a cover page can help you stay organized and motivated. This cover download includes monthly covers, but you could also opt for a simple design that works for the entire year.

14. Weekly Appointment Planner Printable

If you see clients or schedule lots of meetings, an appointment schedule may be ideal for you. This product includes each working hour broken down into 15-minute increments, so you can easily track everything.

15. Printable 7-day Planner Templates

If you want to plan the entire week, this weekly template includes a page for each day, including Saturday and Sunday. Download the entire pack to stay productive every week.

Can I Print a Weekly Calendar?

Yes, you can print a weekly planner by purchasing a template on Etsy or by searching for free designs online. The list above includes several options that may work for your needs.

How Do I Make My Own Printable Planner?

You can use design software like Adobe InDesign or online tools like Canva to add text and design elements to a page. Then simply save your file and print it to create a daily planner or to-do list. However, most people can find other planners online that already have usable templates and pleasing color schemes. Browse the list above for template options that are already made.

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