Printable Rental Agreements: Secure Your Business Deals with the Best Options

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A rental agreement is a legally binding contract signed by a landlord and tenant that outlines the details of a rental property. It generally includes the rental dates, requirements for paying rent, and expectations for both the landlord and tenant.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a home or apartment to rent out, there are standard lease agreements available online that can help you streamline this process. Read on for a guide.

Can You Download a Printable Rental Agreement Form?

Yes, there are several rental contract templates available for download online. You can print the forms as is, or edit them to suit your specific details. See a list of printable lease agreement choices below.

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Benefits of Printable Tenancy Agreements for Rental Property

If you’re navigating the leasing process for a new rental, here are some reasons to consider printable agreements:

  • Protect your property: An agreement between a landlord and tenant helps each side understand the others’ expectations. You can outline things like the lease term and security deposits to protect your assets.
  • Save time and money: Printable contracts allow you to avoid hiring a lawyer or creating your own document from scratch. Many of the agreements below cost just a few dollars.
  • Customize to your needs: Printable rent agreements can often be edited. So you can input the specific details of your property, like the rent amount and what happens if the tenant violates rules in the rental unit.
  • Stay compliant: Landlords are required to provide a safe living space and live up to the terms presented to a prospective tenant. With a printed agreement template, you can easily refer back to live up to your end of the deal.
  • Rent units quickly: You can only make money from a rental property when a tenant rents your space. Lease agreement templates can be downloaded and printed right away, so they won’t hold up the rental process.

11 Useful Printable Rental Agreements You Can Download Today

If you’re ready to start renting out property to prospective tenants, the following property rental contract templates can help. Read on for a full list of options.

1. Residential Property Lease Agreement

This residential lease agreement includes 13 pages that you can download and edit instantly. It is meant to be a legally binding document in any state, though you may have to look up your state’s specific governing law regarding deposit collection. There are several residential lease forms available on Etsy, all with different designs and details. But this is one of the longest and most comprehensive products available. Download the residential lease agreement here.

2. Commercial Lease Agreement

This commercial lease agreement details a tenancy agreement between a landlord and a business. It’s not especially detailed as is, since it’s meant to be edited with the specific type of commercial space. It’s a fairly basic document that you can download immediately and edit with your relevant details in Canva. Check out the commercial lease agreement on Etsy here.

3. Simple Residential Lease Agreement

If you’re just looking for a one-page lease agreement, this product outlines the basics, like the lease dates and payment terms. You can edit it with your own information or opt for a slightly more comprehensive document. Download the simple lease agreement here.

4. House Rental Agreement

Many residential lease agreements can work for both houses and apartments. But some landlords may want a comprehensive document that outlines specifics of the type and size of the home. Download this house rental agreement document, which includes a section to outline the type of property, among other details.

5. Standard Lease Agreement

This printable rental agreement includes basically everything you need to customize your own lease agreement. It’s designed for residential property managers. But you can customize it with your monthly rent amount and other terms. Download the standard lease agreement here to begin editing in Microsoft Word.

6. Month-to-Month Rental Agreement Template

If you plan to rent property on a month-to-month basis, you need a template that reflects those terms. Check out this printable document that covers everything from rent payments to terms and house rules for month-to-month leases.

7. Short-term Rental Agreement

Short-term rentals can describe a home that is just being rented for a short lease period of a month or two. Or this may include vacation rentals that offer space on sites like Airbnb and VRBO. If you plan to rent your property to vacationers or short-term renters, check out this short-term rental agreement. It includes everything from the rental term to property maintenance details.

8. Fixed-term Lease Template

Some rental agreement templates include a start date and initial term. Others offer tenancy at-will agreements, which basically allow tenants to stay in the property as long as they’d like to, provided they continue making regular rent payments. But many property owners may already know the specific end date needed for each lease agreement. If you need a document with a firm lease end date, check out this fixed-term lease template on Etsy.

9. Rent to Own Agreement Form

Rent-to-own arrangements allow tenants to put their monthly rent payment toward a potential down payment to purchase the property. If you plan to eventually sell your home to a prospective tenant, check out this downloadable rent-to-own agreement template.

10. Sublease Agreement Template

If you currently lease a property and want to sublease to another renter for a short period of time, you need a template that outlines this specific arrangement. The details might be different since you don’t actually own the property. And you likely need to meet the terms of your own agreement with your landlord. Additionally, sublets often include short terms, since they’re often used to close out a lease period after a tenant moves or makes other living arrangements. This sublease agreement offers details specific to this type of arrangement.

11. Landlord Starter Pack Printables

This product includes several documents and printables that a new landlord might need to get started. It includes a rental application, lease agreement form, rent receipts, notice to vacate, and more. It’s slightly more expensive than many of the forms on the list, but there are 17 documents available to download and edit. So it can be a valuable purchase for new landlords or property management businesses. Click here to download the available landlord forms.

What should be included in a Rental Agreements Printable?

If you’re looking for a printable rental agreement or thinking of making your own, it’s important to understand what should be included. Each form may vary based on its intended use, but here are some basics that most standard lease agreements cover:

  • Names and signatures of landlords and tenants: Include a space where the parties sign and print their names.
  • Description of the premises: It should include the location, size, and type of property.
  • Dates of tenancy: For leases of a fixed period, include the start and end dates. For tenancy-at-will arrangements, include a start date and lease term, if relevant.
  • Payment terms: Outline when the tenant is to pay rent, the rent amount, and accepted forms of payment.
  • Deposits and fees: Include any other fees or deposits the tenant is responsible for, like security deposit funds that are held until the lease is up.
  • Maintenance requirements: Outline who is responsible for maintaining what parts of them home, how frequently, and to what specific level of quality.
  • Property rules: If there are any rules, like quiet hours or types of acceptable decor, outline them in the agreement.

What happens if you have no written rental agreement?

Specific laws vary by state. But written agreements are generally helpful or required for solving legal disputes between landlords and tenants. Without any written agreement, the parties may have to go to court and find other ways to provide evidence of their claims.

Does Microsoft Word have a rental agreement printable?

Yes, Microsoft provides a variety of legal contracts in its templates section, including at least one that can be used as a rental agreement. Additionally, several of the files listed above can be downloaded and edited using Microsoft Word.

Does Google Docs feature a rental lease agreement template?

Yes, you can easily access a rental lease agreement template on Google Docs. The platform includes at least one free template that you can edit in Google Drive. And there are several third-party templates you can download and edit within Google Docs. Check out the list above for several contracts for residential leases that you can edit using Google Docs.

Can you download a free printable rental agreement?

Yes, there are several sites that offer legal contract printables that you can access for free online. The products above don’t include a free lease agreement, but there are several downloadable forms that cost just a few dollars.

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