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Productivity starts with organization, and for many modern-day professionals, that means writing things down. While some people practically live and die by their planners, others prefer a more basic organization tool: the printable to-do list.

Printable to-do lists are inexpensive, easy to download, and practically free to replenish. Sure, you could invest in a variety of to-do list apps or design your own planning templates from scratch, but online marketplaces such as Etsy offer printable to-do lists to meet practically any criteria.

Benefits of Printable To Do List Templates

Why choose a printable to-do list template as your organization tool? There are a variety of benefits to using printable to-do lists, including:

  • Printable to-do lists are inexpensive. The digital downloads can be purchased on Etsy for as little as a dollar or less.
  • Many printable to-do lists are editable. Some printable to-do list templates can be edited, customized, and personalized for a more individual organization experience.
  • Printable to-do lists are versatile. Many to-do list templates can be filled out on a computer, or they can be printed and written on with a pen or pencil.
  • Printable to-do lists boost the organization. By writing things down and crossing off completed tasks, many people are better able to manage their daily and weekly activities.

How to Choose the Best To-Do List Printable for Your Business

A quick search on Etsy will result in a plethora of printable to-do list options from which to choose. So many choices, in fact, that many entrepreneurs will wonder what is the best to-do list printable for their business.

How do you choose the best printable to-do list template for your organization? Consider the following three factors:

To-Do List Layout

The choice of the best to-do list layout is a matter of personal preference. Perhaps you want a blank to-do list template or a detailed layout with multiple sections. Some to-do list layouts are detailed while others provide a more generalized template for daily and weekly planning.

To-Do List Categories

As mentioned above, some to-do list templates are open and even blank, while others provide a detailed outline of daily activities. What items do you want included in your daily planner templates? You might choose a to-do list printable template that lists categories such as “to do,” “appointments,” “priorities,” “agenda,” days of the week, or even dates in a month.

To-Do List Personalization

Do you want to personalize your printable to-do lists? Some to-do list templates can be edited with customized names and logos. Others are standard PDF downloads with a set style and layout.

12 Best Printable To-Do Lists [2022]

Looking for the perfect to-do list printables to help organize your small business? The following 12 downloadable to-do lists provide examples of the many options available on Etsy in 2022.

1. Things To Do List PDF File

This printable to-do list PDF from PlanPrintLand is great for daily planning since it includes the day of the week, as well as areas for to-do list items and priorities. The simple planner template is available to print in a variety of vibrant colors and can be downloaded in PDF format.

2. To Do List Template Printable

Another colorful to-do list to print, this planning template from Cora Vera Lane contained multiple sections to help organize every day. The to-do list template contains areas for important tasks, appointments, and even follow-ups, as well as an area for notes.

3. Daily To-Do List Printable

It’s simple to keep track of daily tasks with this printable to-do list from ShoppingSimple2. The daily planner template provides space for an entire day’s schedule, as well as sections for priorities and to-do items.

4. Weekly To Do List Printable

Sometimes a daily planner isn’t enough. This printable to-do list template from Eliza Art Shop Designs helps busy professionals plan for an entire week. The weekly to-do list templates leave plenty of space to note the priority and task list needed each day of the week.

5. Printable To Do List Cute

Looking for a stylish way to organize your daily planning? It’s not hard to find a cute to-do list printable on Etsy. This example from Creative Jam Co. features an attractive script and vibrant colors with plenty of space for organization in a PDF format.

6. Printable To Do Checklist

Entrepreneurs working from home can make use of this printable to-do list template from Indio Paper House designed just for them. The detailed checklist template helps organize every hour of the day while including plenty of space to note a task list, priorities, and other memos.

7. Printable Planner Template

Looking for a printable task list that is unique to each day of the week? These printable planner templates from Creative Jam Co. are editable to-do list options that can be customized with the day’s name in a beautiful script.

8. Blank To Do List Template

This printable planner option from All the Plans is a blank to-do list template, so it’s simple for anyone to customize it by hand. The blank checklist template also makes it a versatile printable option, since it can be used for practically any purpose.

9. Daily Planner for Help with ADHD

Some people require a to-do list with a detailed outline to help them organize their tasks. This printable to-do list template from Iconic Vision was designed to aid professionals with ADHD, available in various sizes.

10. Editable Productivity Planning Bundle

This editable productivity planning bundle from Creative Jam Co. contains pages designed for general checklists, daily to-do lists, and weekly to-do list templates. The various templates are editable, so users can customize list categories and notes.

11. Minimal To Do List Printable

This minimal to-do list template offers plenty of space to create checklists for business or personal use on one page. Sold by My Life Plans, the basic print can serve as a solid foundation for creating organization, whether for team members or family members.

12. Printable Chore Chart To-Do List

Looking to help your family member keep track of their daily tasks? Boost household productivity with this download pdf from Gumdrop Print Shop. The chore chart is perfect for children or adults, and it provides checklists for both daily and weekly activities.

Find The Perfect Printable To Do List Template on Etsy

Sometimes the best way to boost both organization and productivity is simply to start writing things down. Fortunately, you don’t need to invest in an expensive planner or software to start this positive habit. Plenty of printable to-do list templates are available to purchase for practically nothing, download, and even personalize to help organize your business and life.

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