Protect Your Brand’s Reputation, Learn Content Marketing Hacks

Protect Your Brand’s Reputation, Learn Content Marketing Hacks

Your brand’s reputation can truly make or break your business. So it’s important for you to focus on building that reputation and then avoiding any missteps that could potentially tear it down. Members of the small business community have some tips to share about protecting your brand’s reputation. And they also have some other bits of business knowledge that can help you keep your customers happy.  Read on for the full list of tips in this week’s Small Business Trends community news and information roundup.

Protect Your Online Reputation

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Building a reputation can take years. But a single negative incident can ruin all of that hard work. So it’s important that you keep an eye on your brand image online. Sean Gallahar shares some tips for maintaining your online reputation.

Don’t Miss These Content Marketing Hacks


When building your content marketing strategy, it’s important to remember your audience. The content you offer should ultimately benefit them. And if it doesn’t, it could certainly have an impact on your reputation. In this post, Jordon Nottrodt shares some content marketing hacks that could help kickstart your strategy.

Use These Two Factors to Grow Your Startup

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Lots of different things go into running a successful startup. But at the core, there are two very basic factors you need, which Ivan Widjaya shares in this post. BizSugar members then share their thoughts.

Nurse Your Paid Search Campaigns Back to Health


Paid search has become an extremely competitive game. So you need to constantly update and optimize your campaigns in order for them to remain effective. In this post, Jana Fung shares some tips for keeping those paid search campaigns going strong.

Use This Strategy to Market to Millennials

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Marketing to millennials isn’t like marketing to other groups. But millennials can be an incredibly important market segment to have on your side, depending on your business. So in this post, Anthony Bursi shares some tips for marketing to this group.

Promote Your Presentation with These Video Tools


Your presentation can only be effective if you can get it in front of the right people. Luckily, there are plenty of different tools and online resources you can use to promote your presentations, as Leslie Belknap shares here.

Build a Successful Business Blog

(Rebekah Radice)

Promoting a business online can be competitive. But setting your business blog apart from the rest is possible, with these tips from Rebekah Radice. BizSugar members share some input on the post as well.

Use Personal Responsibility to Drive Company Culture


These days, more and more businesses are choosing to rethink traditional business policies. Showing more trust in your employees to be responsible with time, finances and other resources can have a big impact on morale, as Lyndsey Patterson explains.

Learn to Utilize Social Selling

(Shift Digital)

Social selling is becoming a necessity for companies that operate online. There are several different tools and tactics you can use to make the most of those social selling efforts. Jennifer Webster shares a few of them in this post.

Have More Than Ideas

(Startup Professionals Musings)

Great ideas are certainly important to launching a great startup. But they aren’t the only things that count. As Martin Zwilling points out, delivering on those ideas can be more valuable to your business. See more discussion from the BizSugar community here.

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