Spotlight: Puhff Mask and Accessories Launched Due to a Personal Bout with COVID-19

Puhff Mask and Accessories aims to provide practical help for communities

Face masks have become commonplace very quickly during 2020. Some existing businesses have simply added them to their product lines. Others have popped up since the pandemic started.

Puhff Mask and Accessories started because of the founder’s personal experience with COVID-19. And the company aims to provide practical help for communities.

Puhff Mask and Accessories

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What the Business Does

Sells face masks.

Business Niche

Providing common sense solutions.

CEO Jaheyla Jones told Small Business Trends, “Most masks aren’t packaged in antibacterial pouches, but Puhff Masks are. Moreover, this company was founded in an attempt to stop the exploitation of lack of masks and end price gouging in this market.”

How the Business Got Started

After a bout with COVID-19.

Jones recovered from COVID-19 and wanted a way to protect her community. So she stared exploring the possibility of selling face masks.

Biggest Win

Connecting with distributors.

Jones says, “The biggest win so far is partnering with Mr. Checkout, a pretty big distributor. As a wholesale company we want to do everything we get our products into the hands of the people.”

Biggest Risk

Investing in a new business during an uncertain time.

Jones explains, “Just starting the business was a risk. With all the uncertainty of the pandemic, it was a risk to invest in masks, in packaging, in marketing.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Growing their operations and helping others.

Jones says, “I would invest it back into the company in order to later invest it back into the community.”

Fun Fact

The team has always been remote.

Jones explains, “Since this company started during the pandemic, none of the team members have actually met each other in person!”

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Image: Puhff Mask and Accessories

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