Put Your LinkedIn Profile on Facebook

This is a follow-up from my previous post comparing LinkedIn and Facebook for use by entrepreneurs.

An alert reader notified me that as of today you can now import your LinkedIn profile into Facebook.

This feature is one of the many Facebook “apps” that people use to tailor the look and functionality of their Facebook pages. It works great — and it was super easy. I just tried it and it took me less than one minute to use.

Go here to add your LinkedIn profile (or, if you prefer, your resume) to your Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=10151668265123025

UPDATE: If you go back and use the following login, it will also grab any recommendations you have in LinkedIn and import them into Facebook:

Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.