New QuickBooks Grant Program Offers $200,000 in Funding for Small Businesses

Intuit Inc. has announced the launch of the QuickBooks Grant Program.

This initiative will provide 20 small business owners with $10,000 each, alongside mentorship resources aimed at fostering their success. This program is a key part of Intuit’s Small Business Success Month, designed to support small businesses with essential tools, resources, and funding.

“Helping small businesses thrive is critical to our communities and our economy, but access to capital continues to be a challenge many entrepreneurs face,” said Emma Rodgers, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Revenue at Intuit QuickBooks. She emphasized that QuickBooks is dedicated to providing all small businesses with the necessary tools and resources for growth and success. This new grant program aims to deliver impactful funding that can help make business dreams a reality and drive prosperity for the small business community.

Small business owners in the U.S. can apply for the QuickBooks Grant Program at Applications will be accepted from May 28 to June 30, 2024, until 11:59 pm PT. Applicants need to submit a brief essay explaining how the grant will help them overcome business challenges or achieve a specific goal. Full eligibility requirements and judging criteria are available on the QuickBooks website.

Alongside the $10,000 grant, each recipient will gain access to three months of valuable mentorship resources. This includes participating in Intuit’s Adopt a Small Business program for six weeks and access to a series of webinars focused on establishing a solid foundation for business success. Through this mentorship, small businesses will learn how digital tools and platforms like QuickBooks and Mailchimp can reveal key business insights, speed up money movement, streamline processes, and connect with customers.

According to the Intuit QuickBooks Entrepreneurship in 2024 Report, nearly a quarter of U.S. consumers plan to start a new business this year. Two-thirds believe that starting a business is a better path to building personal wealth compared to buying a house. Despite the high rates of new business formation, both new and established small businesses face a challenging environment. Tightened credit availability, high interest rates, and inflation are significant hurdles. Increasing access to small business funding is therefore crucial.

For more information about the QuickBooks Grant Program and to apply, visit

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