Radio Shack Launches No-Contract Mobile Service

Radio Shack has become the latest retailer to make a foray into the wireless field. The electronics chain has announced a no-contract mobile service that includes some attractive budget features for business. The announcement follows the launch, earlier this year, of a prepaid “casual use” WiFi system from WalMart able to network up to five devices. These tools offer ever widening options for companies and consumers as the trend toward wireless, mobile business continues.

Making a Connection

Upward mobility. The new no-contract wireless service from Radio Shack is $25 a month for 300 voice minutes and $35 a month for 1000 minutes on “feature” phones. Plans are $50 a month with 1GB of full-speed data and $60 a month with 2.5GB of full-speed data for smartphones. Both plans include unlimited voice and domestic text messaging and the $60 plan also includes unlimited international text messaging. PC World

Out of the office. If you want proof a mobile company can be just as effective as one in which employees all share the same space, look no further than Automattic, Inc., the tech titan behind popular blogging platform The most distinctive thing about the company’s main office is that there isn’t one. Instead, 123 employees work from their homes spread out across 26 countries, 94 cities, and 28 U.S. States. The Wall Street Journal

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Turns out that having employees mobile and working from a remote location isn’t just convenient for them and less expensive for you. It may actually make them more engaged. If you want to learn about how mobile workers are more productive, simply have a look at this post. Harvard Business Review

Objects in Motion

Mad men. Some of the most important customers are not only affluent and online, but their preference is moving rapidly toward shopping with mobile devices. Rieva Lesonky reveals in this report how statistics show men 18 and over with household incomes of $100,000 or more are shopping online like never before. Grow Smart Biz

The world is flat. Smartphones aren’t the only mobile devices customers are beginning to use more frequently. Especially in the world of e-commerce, shoppers are showing a preference for tablets. Knowing this, Web based entrepreneurs need to be thinking one step ahead as they tweak and develop their Websites for a world that is not only increasingly mobile but increasingly flat…the world of the tablet. Unleashed Technologies

App Attack

Evernote sets the perfect tone. As business becomes more mobile, app creator Evernote is building a tool especially designed to meet the new challenges companies face. Evernote Business will allow those running a firm of any size to manage company data, share information with employees, create directories, and help in many other ways. Small Business Trends

App Happy. Using apps like Evernote and others to make your business work better in a mobile world takes time and skill. Every tool is different, but some of the basics businesses need to use mobile apps successfully are the same. Here are five tips you might want to consider when trying to make the latest mobile business app work for you. Get App

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