Raising Your Fees in Small Business

As we come to the end of this year and head into the next, it may be time to start thinking about what’s next for your small business in the year to come. Is it time to raise prices? Here are some things to consider.

Tips & Trends

Plug the money leaks in your small business. You’ve worked hard to build your business, often resorting to grass roots efforts like taking on clients other businesses avoid, cutting deals that dip too deeply into your operations budget, or bartering services. But now your expertise may be worth more than you’re charging. Perhaps it’s time to raise your rates and get the clients you deserve. Naaree.com

Partners in business as well as pleasure. Entrepreneurial couple and founders of BeCouply, Pius Uzamere and Becky Cruze found the inspiration from their quest for unique date-night outings. This interview highlights their search for funding, the challenges they faced, and the steps they took to get their business out of the starting gate. Open Forum

Better Business

I’m dreaming of a black Christmas.You might not want coal for Christmas, but you’re gonna want to be “in the black” after Santa’s sleigh flies away. Here are six terrific specifics to encourage huge holiday business and to avoid ringing in the New Year in the red. Fortune Marketing Company

Be the decider. You may have heard those words somewhere before, but they’re not to be taken lightly. For many, working your own way, setting your own terms for business, and giving yourself the freedom to enjoy the lifestyle you envision is the only path to true happiness. Find the courage to do what works for you in business, even if it’s not “normal”. The Rise to the Top


Online business or brick-and-mortar? Which method will work best for your product? Usually, small businesses profit from a mixture of both, but maybe it’s time to look at the figures and see if one venue is working so well that you can leave the other behind, narrow your focus, and increase the flow in your sales pipeline. The Wall Street Journal

Made in America. Many U.S. small businesses are finding they’re increasingly able to bank on America’s reputation for excellent craftsmanship when dealing with foreign markets, finding advantages there against stronger currencies and less well-made products. Learn how exporting and that “Made in America” stamp can lead to increased sales for your small business. Bloomberg Businessweek

Programs & Resources

Float like a butterfly, recycle like a gazelle. A groundbreaking recycling program between Staples and electronics recycling site Gazelle is a boon for small businesses, providing gift cards for outdated electronics and making upgrading more affordable. Find out how your business can participate and save a few bucks in the budget. Smallbiz Technology

Can’t see the forest for the trees? Sometimes you can be too close to a problem to see its solution, and a fresh but knowledgeable perspective is in order. Who better to coach you through your small business struggles than a business coach? See how your own personal trainer for business can guide you to greater success. Duct Tape Marketing

Best Ideas

Cutting edge marketing trends for 2012 and beyond! Have you heard the terms “social businesses” or “gamification”? What about “digital story-telling”? The paradigm is shifting again, and just in time for the new year! Make an early resolution to incorporate some of these ideas into your New Year’s marketing make-over. Abnormal Marketing

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel! Developing your marketing plan requires not just thought, research, effort, and inspiration, but actual formatting. Sometimes we have all the right ideas, but we need the ability to communicate that information in a meaningful way and see at a glance our methods and milestones. Using a marketing plan template can help you keep on track and give you more time to spend on strategy rather than wrestling with the devil in the design details. Small Business Marketing Tools

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  1. Enjoyed the article on “plugging the money leaks”…way too many small business owners forget about that aspect when they spend the majority of their time just trying to deal with the day-to-day issues. Great New Years Resolution material!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my latest blog. The marketing trends for 2012 are rushing towards us – and technology is still leading the way.

    I also like John’s (Duct Tape) blog on the benefits of having a coach. I think everyone needs a little coaching from time to time. 🙂

    • Hi Fiona, Thanks for dropping by! We love your stuff, and the name of your website is memorable! Now, when it comes to a coach, I’d like to hire John J some time myself – ha ha ha! Seriously, John is a good friend and I enjoy talking with him and sharing a little bit of advice now and then. Not exactly coaching, but even short discussions help.

      – Anita