Raju Vegesna Goes Deep on Privacy Browser Ulaa and Zoho Start

The need to safeguard privacy has become increasingly important. Many users are concerned about their online activities being tracked and their personal information being sold to third-party companies without their consent. To address this issue, Zoho, a leading software solutions provider, has introduced Ulaa, a revolutionary browser designed with privacy as its top priority. In a recent interview with Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist at Zoho, we delved into the importance of privacy and how Ulaa can help users protect their sensitive data.

The Need for Privacy-Friendly Browsers

When asked about the motivation behind creating a new browser, Vegesna highlighted the lack of privacy and user-friendliness in most existing browsers. He stated, “If you look at the majority of the browsers in the market today, they’re not exactly privacy friendly and user-friendly. You know as a user we are being tracked. I should say maybe we’ve been surveilled. Without our permission our information and our activity is being tracked and related to other companies we do not know, sold to other companies we have no control on.” He added, “We believe you know browsers have to be developed by companies that do not have an active interest in surveillance.

Vegesna further emphasized Zoho’s commitment to privacy by mentioning that Ulaa initially began as an internal project for the company. After recognizing its usefulness, Zoho decided to extend the browser to the wider market. With a business model that is not ad-based and a strong focus on privacy, Ulaa aims to provide an alternative to browsers developed by companies driven for surveillance and data collection.

Integration with Zoho Tools for Enhanced Productivity

Apart from its privacy features, Ulaa offers seamless integration with various Zoho tools, thereby enhancing productivity for users. 

Vegesna explained, “They are subtly integrated with several Zoho tools and increasingly it will integrate with more.” 

Users can log into their Zoho accounts directly from the browser, enabling them to synchronize their tabs and access other Zoho features. The integration also includes tools such as an annotator and a note-taking application, which are pre-built into Ulaa.

Moreover, Ulaa leverages Zoho’s own translation service to provide translations without relying on third-party surveillance companies. These integrations, both visible and behind the scenes, are developed with privacy in mind, ensuring that user data remains protected.

Accessibility for All Users

One of the key advantages of Ulaa is its accessibility to all users, regardless of whether they are Zoho customers or not. Vegesna clarified, “You don’t have to be a Zoho customer. You can be just an end user and you don’t even have to create a Zoho account to use the browser.Just go to ulaa.com, download the browser in your favorite operating system, start using it. Only if you want to synchronize your browsing sessions, you may have to create a Zoho account. Otherwise, you can simply use Zoho. We simply use the whole other browser without any Zoho account and without Zoho knowing anything about you.”

By making Ulaa available to all users, Zoho aims to provide a privacy-focused browsing experience without any unnecessary barriers or prerequisites.

Zoho Start: Simplifying the Process of Starting a Company

In addition to Ulaa, Zoho has introduced another innovative solution called Zoho Start, which aims to simplify the process of starting a company. 

Vegesna explained the motivation behind Zoho Start, stating, “Zoho Start is a service we are launching here only in the US for now where we help freelancers or any independent would-be entrepreneurs create a company. If you’re thinking about starting a company, Zoho Start can assist you. We can help you through the process where we collect information and submit information to the respective government agencies to, you know, to set up a company.”

Zoho Start is designed as an end-to-end platform that covers the entire lifecycle of a startup, from idea validation to company formation and beyond. It offers a range of features and services, including idea management, business plan creation, investor engagement, legal documentation, team collaboration, and more. By providing a comprehensive suite of tools and resources, Zoho Start empowers entrepreneurs to focus on their core business while minimizing administrative burdens.

Embracing Privacy in the Digital World

In an era where online privacy is increasingly compromised, Ulaa represents a significant step forward in empowering individuals and businesses to protect their personal data. With its emphasis on privacy and user control, Ulaa offers a secure and user-friendly browsing experience, free from intrusive surveillance and data tracking. Its seamless integration with Zoho’s productivity tools further enhances user workflows, while the accessibility of Ulaa to all users, regardless of Zoho account ownership, ensures privacy for all.

Zoho’s commitment to small businesses is further demonstrated by the introduction of Zoho Start, which simplifies the process of starting a company, supporting aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey to success. Together, Ulaa and Zoho Start showcase Zoho’s dedication to empowering individuals, protecting privacy, and fostering innovation in the digital world.

As the need for privacy-friendly solutions continues to grow, Zoho’s Ulaa and Zoho Start serve as powerful examples of how technology can be harnessed to prioritize user privacy and provide valuable tools for individuals and businesses alike. With these innovations, Zoho has taken a significant stride towards a more secure and privacy-conscious digital future.

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