From the Community: Marketing and Design Predictions for 2014

From the Community: Marketing and Design Predictions for 2014

Here’s our latest community news and information roundup sharing information from the blogs and other sources we follow. Read below how you can help make these updates even better.

Marketing Predictions for 2014 (Infusionsoft)

The first in a three part series from Ramon Ray, this post asks 12 important thought leaders in the world of entrepreneurship their takes on marketing in the new year. First we hear from Seth Godin, Small Business Trends CEO Anita Campbell, and Ann Handley of Marketing Prof. Their suggestions may surprise you.

And More Marketing Predictions (Affinity Express Blog)

What predictions would you get if you were to ask the top chief marketing officers to gaze into a crystal ball? We think you’d find small businesses have been innovating in a lot of these areas already. Marketer Kriti Adlakha has some observations from the latest CMO survey.

Web Design Trends for the New Year (All Business)

And let’s not forget, while we’re on the subject of new trends for a new year, to look at your business website. Haris Bacic has these forecasts. Again, small business owners may have already been experimenting with some of this stuff.

New Tips for Business Blogging (BizSugar)

Martin Lindeskog is a self-proclaimed “serious blogger” and entrepreneur. So when he took exception to a recent blog post shared on BizSugar, the community asked him to share his own advice. (He currently maintains 10+ blogs at one time.) Here are his suggestions.

How Quality Control Defines Your Company (Aladay LLC)

You may not think of quality control as a kind of marketing. But really it is, says business consultant Aaron Aveiro. When companies decide to do things like sacrifice quality for quantity, they are really making a decision about how they want their businesses to be perceived.

Defining Your Personal Brand (Brittany Velasco)

Nowadays everyone needs to think about branding, as Brittany, a broadcast journalism student at Linwood University in Missouri is learning. Here’s what Brittany is discovering about the importance of a personal brand in any industry. And yes, it applies to entrepreneurs too.

A First Time For Everything (Sword and the Script)

You can follow marketing, branding and other business advice all you want. But in the end, it’s probably the innovative approach that works the best. So try to be that person who does what’s never been done before. Frank Strong has this brief history of memorable firsts in marketing.

Five Tips for Marketing Success  (Entrepreneurs Club Radio)

And moving into the new year, here are some other thoughts about entrepreneurship from successful entrepreneur and radio host Kip Marlow. Actually this talk Kip gave at Lakeland Community College was in December, but the video has just been posted. Have a look.

Marketing for the Big Game  (123 Print Blog)

Believe it or not, you can’t use the words “Super” and “Bowl” together in a sentence in advertising, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the excitement of the game (coming up in February) to supercharge your marketing efforts. Rhonda Walinga has these thoughts.

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