Spotlight: ReachLocal Lets You Find Customers Near You


Marketing a local business is not necessarily the same as marketing a nationwide or online business. But that doesn’t mean that online tools like social media and search marketing aren’t necessary.

ReachLocal knows the power that these online marketing tools can have for local businesses.

The company’s director of content marketing, Tiffany Monhollon, recently shared a winning marketing tip in the Brother Marketing eBook contest.

Monhollon wrote: “A thoughtful, modern color story will go a long way in helping your marketing collateral feel fresh, appealing, and interesting. You want your marketing collateral to feel related to your brand, but you can branch out and add in a color or two that doesn’t appear in your logo to liven things up. Search for inspiration online on sites like Pinterest, and find color palettes that include complementary tones to your logo and brand identity. For example, you can search for a specific color on to see what other colors might complement it.”

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What the Business Does

Helps local businesses reach local customers through online marketing methods.

The company’s range of services is constantly evolving to include all of the tactics available to assist local businesses in reaching this goal.

Monhollon says: “ReachLocal essentially helps local businesses get more customers through online marketing. We do that using a variety of different solutions, including digital advertising — like search advertising, display advertising, and in-app advertising — making sure they have mobile responsive websites, managing their Web presence on social media, and providing software that helps them capture more leads and convert them into customers.”


Business Niche

Providing both technology and service.

Monhollon explains: “One thing that sets ReachLocal apart is that we have built technology specifically to help local businesses, plus, we back that up with expert service and data to drive better performance. Some pure agencies only offer service.

“They don’t necessarily have all the data and technology that we do to help them find proven marketing methods and measure the success of their marketing efforts in terms of the bottom line. And others focus on metrics but don’t necessarily focus on the actual performance of small businesses. Some will offer just technology but not help you use it or understand what’s working, while we’re dedicated to providing software with service.”

How the Business Got Started

As a search engine advertising company.

The company was founded in 2004. At that time, it was focused mainly on search engine advertising. Many of the marketing firms that were focused on search advertising at the time were mainly working on campaigns for large, nationwide brands.

Monhollon says: “It was all about helping local businesses reach customers that were actually local. Instead of just attracting customers who might be anywhere looking for a certain type of appliance, you could target people who were looking for that appliance in your immediate area.”

Biggest Win

Delivering leads to clients every day.

Monhollon explains: “Every day, to know that we are driving actual results and bring more customers to our clients, that’s a real win. That’s why we come here and do what we do every day.”


Business Motto

Get involved with local communities.

Monhollon explains: “ReachLocal has offices in many of the local communities where we do business. So each local office gets involved in their community. During the holidays our offices like to choose a local charity of their choice and take part in different charitable events throughout the year. We’re not just one big marketing agency. We’re actually in your community, too.”

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