Read Heavyweight Marketing, It’s a Knockout


A handbook for start ups and main street business owners looking for straightforward marketing strategies.

Heavyweight Marketing

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Are you a marketing junkie? You know the symptoms. You can never get enough marketing advice, marketing books, marketing articles or programs. This is a problem. And one that is easily enabled by my latest marketing read: “Heavyweight Marketing: Knockout Strategies For Building Champion Brands” by Nikolas Allen (@Nikolas_Allen).

I received a review copy from Allen and have been thumbing through it on and off over the last few weeks. All I can say is that it’s a marketing junkie’s dream.

It’s Heavyweight Marketing for Lightweights

This book is ideal for new startups, solopreneurs, retailers and service businesses. If you love your business and aren’t sure about how to begin with the whole marketing process, you will love this book.

Driven by Intuition, Proven by Experience

There’s a reason that “Heavyweight Marketing” will appeal to new business owners. Much of the book includes real-world examples and case studies from clients Allen worked with while running his own marketing agency, BAM! Small Biz Consulting. He’s taken all of this experience with main street businesses and organized it in a way that any new marketer can understand and implement.

For example, the testimonials and “words of praise” on the inside of the book come from (are you ready?) small business owners, specifically his clients. You know. These are regular people, not celebrities and authors who are there to impress you. What should really impress you is that these are folks who are just like you who have read the book and gotten something out of it.

I really like that. I think you will too.

BAM, Boxing and BOOM!

The entire book is grounded in this boxing metaphor that Allen uses rather sheepishly, since Vaynerchuk’s “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook” overtook the marketing media airwaves just as his company was growing and building its brand. But Allen takes it in stride. After all, BAM Is the name of his company and he’s used this boxing metaphor consistently. The book is just an extension.

The book is structured into four sections or rounds, as he calls them:

Round 1: Build Marketing Muscle: This is a mini marketing primer when you first start reading and slowly builds and adds some tips, especially for retailers. Chapters I enjoyed the most are: Thirteen Ways to Go Big on Small Business Saturday and The Triple Benefit of Partnerships.

Round 2: Tackle Your Tools: This is a fabulous inventory of the best tools for small business marketing (notice not more — best). So you won’t get overwhelmed with tools and can focus on strategies. BAM (did I just say BAM?) the section starts right off with 76 tactics and tools to promote your business. Then he goes into print ads. This is the meat of the content and where I have most of my dog-ears.

Round 3: Buff Your Brand: This is another great discussion about branding. As I go through this section I wonder why he put branding at the back of the book instead of at the beginning. After all, strategies without a solid and consistent brand promise may or may not work. But then it dawns on me. He wants you to really get the benefit up front and not get turned off or discouraged if you don’t have your brand right away.

There are also a couple of nifty sections at the end of the book that include some marketing resources as well as an interview with Nikolas Allen.

Keep Heavyweight Marketing Handy

“Heavyweight Marketing” has a broad appeal. As I said, it’s ideal for main street business owners who are not marketing professionals but want and need good ideas to get and keep more customers.

Marketers will also appreciate this book because it’s loaded with wonderful, practical and low-cost ideas. If you haven’t written a book of your own, then this is a great gift for your clients.

Grab yourself a copy of “Heavyweight Marketing” and you’ll have hundreds of business building tips within arms reach.

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