Spotlight: List It Marketing Drones On about Real Estate – in a Good Way

List It Marketing Brings Drone Technology to the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is evolving, especially when it comes to the visuals used to list and sell properties. Specifically, drone photography and videography are making a major impact. And List It Marketing is a big part of that evolution.

The company offers these visuals along with other marketing and support services. Learn more about the company and its unique niche in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers drone photography and marketing services for real estate agents.

Founder Sam McKaig told Small Business Trends, “We built a platform where agents can schedule, pay, and coordinate all of their services in one place simply using a computer or mobile device.”

They also offer FAA certified drone pilots for photos and videos and support services. These include listing videos, floor plans, flyer design, web design, listing photos, and sign installation.

Business Niche

Providing quality and convenience.

McKaig says, “The marketers, photographers, videographers, etc have already been well known for their work. We just went through and selected the best ones and brought them all together around a tech platform that was designed to streamline the booking, payment, and coordinating process.”

Additionally, agents can book all their services in one place. The system coordinates everything to show up on one day to make things convenient for agents and clients.

How the Business Got Started

After noticing a clear need.

McKaig explains, “We are a group of professional real estate marketers that had spent hours per day coordinating these services for our brokers and real estate teams. We saw a need for this type of service and built it with the focus on saving agents time and money.”

Biggest Win

Bringing in a talented team.

McKaig says, “We have put together a team of amazing production and marketing professionals who have worked on large hollywood movies and tv shows, international print magazines and news papers, and ran corporate campaigns for multi national organizations. We took over the tedious booking and coordinating process. So it not only made it easier and better for agents, but also has allowed us to attract top tier talent that would not have otherwise been available to real estate professionals.”

Biggest Risk

Attempting to disrupt the industry.

McKaig explains, “Disrupting the normal way of things can be an uphill battle that takes on risk no matter what field you are in. But if business owners and founders provide something that can save people time and money then it is much less risky. Because even though something is new, you are adding value to your clients. And as a business or service based product, adding value to your clients needs to be at the core of every decision you make.

“Sure you could do things the way it has always been done. But how does that add value or benefit your clients or the industry in general? So when you launch something new it may look risky on the outside but it is really not that risky if you are providing people with something that is better and helps increase their productivity and helps their business & lives be better.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Creating new tech tools.

McKaig adds, “We are in the process of building more tech and tools for the professional real estate community and plan to continue launching new products and services as we grow. We are not currently taking on investments. But to answer the hypothetical question, we would put funds in to continuing to grow our software based products and services.”

Fun Fact

They use their own service.

McKaig says, “The entire platform, logos, designs, and content were created by the same artists and techies that work with our clients. So we use the same creative and talented artists that our clients have access to.”

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