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Location: Chalfont, PA
Founded: 1998
Free Version: No
Price Starts: $19/month
Support Number: +1 877-AWeber-1 (877-293-2371)
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For years AWeber was known for being the choice of digital content creators and online marketers in part because it was one of the pioneers in offering autoresponder emails.  Autoresponders are simply automated emails that go out at specified times.

Today, AWeber still offers autoresponders. But it goes beyond that to offer more advanced marketing automation — without the complexity of some automation providers.

Top 3 AWeber Features

  • Easy integration for online content creators.  Today, entrepreneurs that make a living by selling information products or programs online typically cobble together several tools, such as landing page builders, webinar platforms and WordPress themes specific to online content creators.  AWeber is excellent at easily integrating with such tools.
  • Create subscriber segments based on what they click on. Give subscribers only the information want. And avoid annoying them with irrelevant information. You know what they want because AWeber tells you what that subscriber has clicked on previously.
  • Ability to turn blog posts and curated content into newsletters. AWeber makes it easy to assemble newsletters with a minimum of manual work from your own blog posts. Using AWeber’s mobile app, Curate, you can also assemble third party content from across the Web into newsletters.

AWeber also provides an innovative approach to its mobile apps. It has three, including one for curating content into newsletters (called Curate). There’s another (called Atom) that enables you to capture signups on the spot at conferences and events, via your phone.

AWeber Disadvantages

  • Features not as robust for managing existing customers as some competitors. AWeber has improved a lot from the rather stripped-down application it was in the early days.  But if you need a true CRM with features such as lead scoring, or the ability to send coupons to customers, AWeber may not meet your needs.

AWeber Is Best For

  • Entrepreneurs, business owners, consultants and bloggers who repurpose content for newsletters.  AWeber makes this easy. So if you are a content publisher, AWeber shines.
  • Those who sell information products online.  Consultants, coaches, subject matter experts who sell online information products and programs and need a low-cost tool that easily integrates with other digital marketing platforms.
  • Those who want marketing automation without complexity. With its world class autoresponder and automation features, AWeber makes it easy for beginners and intermediates to deploy marketing automation. Happy AWeber customers we interviewed mentioned that it lets them “ease into automating” their marketing. They don’t need to hire a consultant to help them, either, although partners who can do that are available.

Price comparison:  For a list of 5,000, AWeber costs $49 per month. You can get a 30-day free trial. Discounts may be available for quarterly or annual billing.

Updated August 2018

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