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Founded: 1995
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Price Starts: $15 / month
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Constant Contact

Constant Contact is the one of the largest email marketing providers for small businesses. When it last published figures several years ago, we noted it had over 600,000 customers. Constant Contact started in 1995, and went public in 2007 on the NASDAQ. Today it is owned by Endurance International which also owns popular hosting brands like Hostgator. As the parent company, Endurance serves over 5 million customers overall, mostly small and midsize businesses.

Constant Contact is excellent for “main street” small businesses. It’s also great for small non-profit teams.

Top 3 Constant Contact Features

  • Simple email marketing. Happy customers we’ve talked with rave about how easy Constant Contact is to use.  For small businesses and small non-profits, it is “right sized.”  The basic offering is not too complex. For example, it is easy to use with excellent drag-and-drop templates for emails. The dashboard and analytics are intuitive. Constant Contact keeps adding features. It just recently added the ability to segment users.
  • Upgraded “Plus” version adds features if you need them.  With the Plus version (an upgrade) you can get a tool to survey customers, offer coupons, and do basic autoresponder emails.  There’s also a simple contact manager to manage your email subscribers and customers.
  • Has features useful to small non-profits. With the Plus version you also can run events and collect donations — features valued especially by non-profits.

Constant Contact has a vibrant community online, with product support forums.  There’s an extensive network of local consulting partners, too.

Constant Contact Disadvantages

  • Lacks a CRM. Constant Contact is not designed for businesses with complex sales processes.  It has a simple contact manager, but lacks a real CRM system.
  • Doesn’t have much marketing automation. The automation it has is fairly limited.  To most small businesses, this won’t matter.  The vast majority of small businesses are not looking for extensive automation.  This is mainly a disadvantage for businesses wanting extensive automated campaigns.

Constant Contact Is Best For

  • Local businesses.  Representative businesses using it are restaurants, consultants and retail, among others.  Online-only businesses can certainly use it, too.  But clearly its feature set is designed to appeal to small businesses that want a simple, easy system for managing customer contacts and that reach out through email newsletters or the occasional marketing offer.
  • Small non-profits and associations. This is a market that Constant Contact targeted early on.  Also, some of the features such as taking donations and holding events, are clearly designed for non-profits and associations. At one point, almost 30% of Constant Contact’s customers fit this definition.
  • Franchises. Constant Contact actively seeks out franchises, to help them assist with and organize the marketing their local franchisees do.

Price comparison:  For a list of 1 GB File Storage. 1 User and Unlimited Emails, it’s $20 per month for the basic plan. It’s $45 per month for the Plus plan. You can get a free trial for 30 days. Discounts may be available.

Updated July 2018

Have you tried Constant Contact? What did you think of it?