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Location: New York City, NY
Founded: 2011
Free Version: Yes
Price Starts: $5.95 per month (3 years)
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Editor's Review

IM Creator

Quick Summary

IM Creator is a website builder with many different templates that allows anyone to build a site in just a few minutes. There are two different programs to choose from – IM Creator (the original) and IM XPRS.

Who Is IM Creator Suitable For?

We recommend IM Creator to the following groups of people:

  • Individuals and businesses that want a website built quickly.
  • Anyone who has limited hosting needs.
  • Web design businesses because of the white-label facility, and competitive pricing for unlimited licenses and hosting.

IM Creator users told us they had built their websites in less than an hour once they had mastered the interface. They were happy to pay their monthly fees because the software makes site design child’s play. IM Creator offers a choice of two very quick and easy website design programs that will allow any business owner to make an excellent job of designing their own website.

IM Creator Key Features

The original IM Creator and IM XPRS use totally different approaches to simple web design. IM Creator uses a drag and drop interface. IM XPRS uses a design made of ‘Stripes’ of content such as images, text, slideshows or icons. The content stripes of any template can be rearranged, recolored or replaced on your page.

Both IM Creator and IM XPRS are very quick ways to get a website up and running in literally five minutes. There are hundreds of templates and neither interface requires any coding skills.

IM Creator’s Positives

Both IM Creator and XPRS are very simple to use. Web design really does not get any simpler than this. Websites look good on all devices though the two programs use different methods to achieve this. The original IM Creator builds two versions of your site – a mobile version and a desktop version. IM XPRS sites are fully responsive, changing on-the-fly to suit different screen sizes.

IM Creator websites are faster than those built using free software or other website builders. This is important because people will click away if your site takes too long to load.

At first glance both IM Creator website builders appear expensive, with monthly fees of $7.95 per month. If you try to build a website without software like this, you would need a conventional hosting package ($6 per month) and to pay a website designer ($1,000 and up). That makes the monthly fee looks very reasonable given that it includes unlimited hosting using Amazon and Google cloud hosting services.

You can try IM Creator’s website builders for free. You can play with the interface, build a website, ask people what they think, change it all around all without even giving your credit card or bank details. You only pay when you want to use a top level domain (TLD) rather than an IM Creator sub-domain.

White-label versions of the IM Creator software are perfect for any design company that wants to maintain commercial confidentiality over the software it uses. Clients and end-users see your own, branded interface when they are uploading new content.

Support is excellent. Video walk-throughs, a manual, FAQs and guides on the site will be all that most people need. There is a 24/7 email and instant chat facility that lets you ask any specific questions of your own before you invest time in building your site – but there is no phone support.

There are no third-party integrations, which is both good and bad. It means you will never have compatibility or security issues, but you are limited to what the original software does. You also avoid all the security updates that plagues anyone using free software.

Only IM XPRS supports an e-commerce store, so this will be the preferred IM Creator software for most companies, even if they have no immediate plans to sell through their website.

IM Creator Negatives

Both programs use proprietary software which imposes several limitations on what you can do. The main limitation is that you cannot just take your website code and host it yourself. If you decide IM Creator is not for you at some point in the future you will have to scrap your old site and start again. You also have no choice of web hosting company because the standard IM Creator monthly or annual payments include hosting. If you want downloadable versions of your websites it will cost $2,500 per year for the privilege of paying for your own hosting.

The IM Creator support forum appears to be heavily censored with no threads critical of the company. FAQs are limited to those where the software looks good. There are no ‘hard to answer’ questions listed.

IM XPRS is new software, so it is still under development. You will come across some glitches and bugs.

Have you tried IM Creator? What did you think of it?