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Location: Chandler Heights, AZ
Founded: 2001
Free Version: No
Price Starts: $80 / month
Support Number: + 1 866 800 0004 Ext. 2
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“Email marketing” barely scratches the surface of what Infusionsoft can do.  Infusionsoft provides advanced marketing automation for small business, along with a CRM (customer relationship management) system.

Yes, Infusionsoft can help you with the mechanics of getting subscribers to sign up for your list. It manages your subscriber database. It has tools to help you compose and broadcast email messages. But it does so much more.

Here at Small Business Trends, we’ve used Infusionsoft for years. So we are unabashed supporters of the product.

Top 3 Infusionsoft Features

  • Awesome marketing automation. Happy Infusionsoft customers say that using Infusionsoft is like having an extra employee. Infusionsoft was an early pioneer in marketing automation. It’s the best solution for small business in terms of deep features and advanced automation.
  • Ability to segment subscribers and customers. Infusionsoft shines when it comes to segmenting your subscribers and customers. That way, you can deliver content and take action based on what the person is interested in — and not one-size-fits-all.  Infusionsoft has a system called ‘tags.” Based on the behaviors of a recipient of a message, you can add tags to segment your list (this can be done as you go along).  Example: if a contact opted-in for a free ebook, the transaction can be tagged so you know what the person is interested in. That way future marketing can be more relevant to your customers and subscribers.
  • Dedicated partner network and good materials. Infusionsoft has a network of consulting partners. Many users hire a consultant to customize sales and marketing funnels and set up some pretty advanced automation.  But Infusionsoft also has built a library of free strategy and support information for do-it-yourselfers.

Infusionsoft Disadvantages

  • Learning curve.  Infusionsoft is working on making its product more intuitive and easier to use.  Even so, it requires a time commitment to map out your sales and marketing processes, understand the system and deploy it.  Be prepared to set aside enough time from you or a staff member. The more you put into learning it, the more your business will get out of it.
  • Price. Infusionsoft is pricier than some lower-end email marketing platforms. There is a setup fee and the monthly fees are based on the size of your list and number of messages you send.  However, Infusionsoft has been offering introductory specials. So it’s worth checking prices frequently to see what specials are available.

Infusionsoft Is Best For

  • Businesses that want to automate large portions of their sales and marketing processes.
  • Entrepreneurs and small businesses that already have some revenues. Infusionsoft is not recommended for very early startups.  If you don’t have much revenue or are still figuring out your marketing model, it’s better to wait a bit.

For those willing to invest the time and money in Infusionsoft, the payoff can be huge.  Those who have learned how to automate their marketing through Infusionsoft heap on the praise.

Price Comparison:  For an email list of 500, prices start at $80 a month along with a one-time set up fee. A free trial (no credit card required) is available. As of July 2018 discounts may also be available.

Updated July 2018

Have you tried Infusionsoft? What did you think of it?