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Location: Hamilton, NJ
Founded: 2003
Price Starts: $274
Support Number: +1-877-525-5646
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Logo Design Guru

Quick Summary

Logo Design Guru is a website which enables you to set an amount that you are willing to pay for your logo. Designers then submit their logo designs to you, and you choose which one you want. The higher the amount of money, the more logo designs you will receive, and the more motivated the designers are.

Who Is Logo Design Guru Suitable For?

We recommend Logo Design Guru to small business owners who are on a budget and are concerned about costs spiralling out of control with a design project. Being able to set the amount up-front ensures that the price is understood from the very beginning, and it won’t go any higher.

People we spoke to were generally positive about Logo Design Guru. They liked the contest spirit of the site, they liked picking “a winner”, and a lot of people commented on the high quality of the designers. This speaks volumes about the overall reputation of Logo Design Guru themselves.

Logo Design Guru Key Features

  • Set a fixed amount you are willing to pay for your logo design project.
  • Designers will then decide if they want to take part in your project, and if so, submit their designs to you.
  • Communicate with the designers if you have questions regarding a design they have submitted to you.
  • Pick the design you want from the submissions sent. You can optionally give a tip on top of the amount of money you promised.

Logo Design Guru Positives

On the site, you can see some of the logos being offered. Some of them can only be viewed by logging in, but with others, you can get a general idea of the quality involved.

By filling out their detailed questionnaire, you are more than likely to receive submissions of what you are looking for, rather than random ideas.

The length of the whole process is quite quick (between 7 and 10 days). However, if you are in a hurry, you can pay to speed things up ($29 for 3 days), or on the flipside, you can keep the process going even longer, if you feel you need to see more submissions.

Choosing a package deal may be expensive, but one big advantage is that if you choose to upgrade your package, you only have to pay the upgrade costs on one of the projects in that package. All the other projects in the package are upgraded free of charge. This is a big boon if you are looking to save money on what is perhaps already an expensive process.

You can change your “Creative Brief” (questionnaire), within 48 hours of submitting it, in case you have changed your mind on part (or all) of it.

Logo Design Guru claims that the minimum number of designs a contest normally gets is 30, and the average number is 80.

If you can’t decide the winner, you can pick more than one. The site doesn’t specify however, whether the prize money should be split evenly, or if each designer should get the same amount specified at the beginning of the project. You do have 7 days to choose a winner, so there’s no pressure to decide right away.

The winning design files are sent to Logo Design Guru, who check them for any issues, such as flaws. This checking process gives you an extra layer of protection against any issues that may arise later.

Logo Design Guru Negatives

Although you can set your own price, Logo Design Guru does impose a minimum amount. For a logo on its own, it’s $199. Or you can choose a design package which gives you a logo and some extras, such as stationery designs or a brochure. That starts at $274. It is a negative in that the starting amount is not cheap for someone on a budget, but on the flipside, it could also be seen as a positive, as the minimum $199 will ensure you get some quality designs, and not any sub-standard knock-offs. Bear in mind though that whatever package you choose, there is the 20% that Logo Design Guru takes for themselves.

You are more likely to get designers to work for you if you “guarantee” your contest (guarantee that a winner will be chosen). However, if you are subsequently dissatisfied with the submissions you receive, guaranteed contests are not eligible for a refund.

Have you tried Logo Design Guru? What did you think of it?