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Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns Review

Zoho Campaigns is a great email marketing system if you also use other Zoho products.  What’s more, you can get pricing that’s hard to beat.

Zoho is a software company that currently offers over 40 software apps.  You can get almost all the Zoho apps as a one-price package called Zoho One — for as little as $30 per employee per month.  That’s not per app – that price includes all 40 apps.

Zoho’s most popular application is its CRM.  If you use Zoho CRM, then Zoho Campaigns is perfect to use along with it. But Campaigns can be used stand alone, too, or with other software.

Zoho is a “sleeper hit” company. It’s a global company that’s been around since the 1990s. It has U.S. headquarters in Silicon Valley. Today it has over 35 million users of its products.

Top 3 Zoho Campaigns Features

  • Simple, but easily extendable for more features. We like the way the basic email marketing module is streamlined and not overwhelming. Yet it easily integrates with other Zoho applications, including CRM, Zoho Sites, Zoho Forms, Zoho Survey and more. What this means is, the email marketing functionality can be extended — but only if and when you need it.
  • Excels when communicating with customers and leads.  Zoho Campaigns is ideal for using email to do lead nurturing, cross-selling and so on involving leads and customers. Every email marketing platform has its strengths.  For example, some are best at newsletters and content marketing. While you can certainly use Zoho Campaigns for newsletters, it excels when it comes to leads and sales communications.
  • Powerful marketing automation at a great price point.  Zoho has basic autoresponders which are easy to set up. But it also offers advanced automation sequences. For the low price point of Zoho Campaigns (especially if you get the package pricing of Zoho One), you’re getting amazing automation capabilities.

Zoho Campaigns Disadvantages

  • Campaigns is part of the Zoho Ecosystem. While Zoho can be used stand alone, it shines when you use it as part of the Zoho ecosystem of other apps. We’re big fans of Zoho, so to us the Zoho ecosystem is a huge advantage. But if you’re just starting out and only want an email marketing system for say, a newsletter once a month, then a simpler choice might be more appealing. Still with the free pricing plan, Zoho Campaigns could be a no brainer for those wanting to start small but who are thinking ahead to growth.

Zoho Campaigns Is Best For

  • Small businesses that use email marketing to manage leads and customers.  Small businesses that sell B2B, especially, probably use a CRM.  So the combo of Zoho CRM and Campaigns will be powerful.
  • Small businesses on a very tight budget.  With the free plan or the Zoho One bundle, Campaigns is extremely cost effective for those with smaller lists.
  • Small businesses committed to automation.  You’ll get the biggest bang for your buck if you take advantage of Zoho’s expertise in automation. You’ll have real power to gain a footprint bigger than your small business size might suggest.

Price comparison:  For a list size of 5,000, Zoho Campaigns costs $45 per month. However, Zoho also offers a forever free plan for 2,000 subscribers up to 12,000 messages per month. But the best deal is when you opt for the Zoho One bundle at an all-inclusive rate — Campaigns is included (some limits may apply).

Zoho Campaigns review updated July 2018

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