Spotlight: Re-Fabbed Tackles DIY and Decor from Multiple Angles

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Some businesses have a single niche. But others morph and add revenue streams over time. Re-Fabbed falls into the latter category. The founder simply followed her interests and community to form an eclectic business model. Read about her journey in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Connects with customers both online and in person.

Founder Brooke Riley told Small Business Trends, “??Re-Fabbed is a DIY/Decorating website and social media business that inspires and teaches people how to decorate and DIY on a budget that people can afford.

“Because of the success of Re-Fabbed and the way that I have learned how to navigate and monetize the online space over time, I also started an online coaching group to teach other entrepreneurs how to grow and maximize the online space for profit as well. I have over 1000 people in that group at any given point, and upwards of 2000+ at some points of the year.

“I also own Re-Fabbed Boutique, which is an online only boutique that sells women’s apparel, accessories and shoes. We service all 50 states, as well as international.”

Business Niche

Creating a tight-knit community.

Riley says, “It is tight knit and special. I create beauty on a budget, while bringing people together of all walks of life. I also share my faith without fear and bring positivity in a world of negativity and fear.”

How the Business Got Started

Sharing renovations and decorating projects online.

Riley explains, “I knew I had a knack for doing those types of things and writing. So I brought it all together as a blog. Over time, as the success of Re-Fabbed grew, the boutique was birthed out of a need that was being shown to me by my followers (my community). I was getting hundreds of questions about where I bought my clothes, jewelry, etc. So I started an online boutique where I could provide them the same styles and pieces I have!”

Biggest Win

Being recognized as one of Forbes Next 1000 entrepreneurs.

Riley adds, “It was so validating to be seen in this industry! Years of hard work, dedication and consistency led to this…and it felt like a huge win for not only my business, but the industry as a whole.”

Biggest Risk

Starting from nothing.

Riley says, “I had a very stable career with good pay and excellent benefits. I am in a small, rural town…so my career was one of the best in the area. When I started my business, my husband and I decided I would quit that job after my first six months in business to move forward with the business and be home with my children (the biggest reason for even starting the business). To leave a career like that to go into the unknown was a huge risk. I was making ZERO money at the time. But after prayer and much thought, we knew it was the right step.

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

A new location.

Riley explains, “I would use it to build a bigger office and warehouse space for our company to house all of our employees together in a creative, beautiful space. We have outgrown where we are…and we need more office space and inventory space.”

Major Step

Making it a family business.

Riley adds, “Three years ago, my husband also quit his full time career as a journeyman lineman of over 10 years and 6 figures/years to come run the business with me. He was always a HUGE support and behind the scenes along the way. But now he is a very integral part of it all even more so. We both run this together. He is full time on the boutique side, running it and growing it to its full potential. We are a TEAM…and a dang good one at that!”

Favorite Quote

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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Image: Re-Fabbed, Brooke Riley

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