Reinventing A Business

I recommend you visit Rosa Say’s Talking Story blog and read the roundup of guest posts she is running this week on “reinventing your business.”

I have a short post up about using RSS for marketing. My philosophy is that reinvention starts with something small and manageable, but which can reap big results.

The list of guest business bloggers posting at Talking Story this month includes Lisa Haneberg of Management Craft, Yvonne DiVita of Lip-Sticking, Christopher Bailey of The Alchemy of Soulful Work, K. Todd Storch of Business Thoughts, and Wayne Hurlbert of Blog Business World.

Rosa has done an admirable job developing a true community around her blog. This roundup of guest posts is part of her community, called Ho’oahana. (Ho’ohana is a Hawaiian word meaning to work with intent and with purpose.) So head on over and join in the conversation.

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