Here at Small Business Trends we are all about providing you with resources to help you run and grow your business. As we say, our mission is “small business success … delivered daily.”

As part of that mission, we regularly review products, software and books of interest to small businesses and entrepreneurs:

Independent Reviews

We believe impartiality is important.  All of our reviews are independent.  Small Business Trends never asks for nor do we accept compensation for writing reviews.   All reviews reflect the independent opinions of our review editors and/or reviewers.

The vast majority of products we review are online products or mobile apps that are free, offer a free trial period, or offer a demonstration account.  Sometimes we review software or hardware that we have purchased with our own funds.  On rare occasions we may receive evaluation copies of software, and even more rarely hardware, from the manufacturer, just like other media organizations.  If Small Business Trends or any individual reviewer has received an item of value without purchasing it, we will disclose that in the review.

Small Business Trends is an advertising-supported site.  On rare occasions we have reviewed (or included in “best of” roundups) products which happen to be from advertisers or sponsors — usually because the products are so important to the small business community, that it would be unusual NOT to include them.  Should such a relationship exist at the time we write the review, we will disclose it in the review.  However, we never require an advertising buy as a precondition to reviewing a product.

We frequently receive review copies of books.  If we have received a review copy of a book, we will disclose that in the review.  We  often donate review copies to libraries and non-profit organizations.  Sending us review copies will not guarantee that your book will be reviewed.

We do sometimes include affiliate links in this site, to help offset the costs of this publication operating.  These affiliate amounts help ensure that we are able to continue providing free content to readers.

Requests to Review Products or Books

Would you like us to review your product or book?  Please submit your requests as follows:

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Product review request form (for software developers and manufacturers)