Revisiting Your Predictions, Latest Facebook Privacy Concern, And More

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We took a look around the small business community to see what others are discussing this past week.  Here are some interesting articles we’d like to point out to you:

How Well Do Your Trend Predictions Pan Out? (WebMetricsGuru)

Business writers love to make predictions of what will happen in the coming year.  But does anyone ever go back to see how those panned out?  That’s exactly what Web analytics and SEO specialist Marshall Sponder did.  And he freely admits he was flat out wrong on a few things.  But on others he got it right.  See for yourself how he scored.  Then go back and look at any predictions you made for 2013, and whether you were on point.  No cheating now!

How to Increase B2B Sales Conversions (V3 Integrated Marketing)

Want to know how to increase online sales if you sell to other businesses?  Ever wonder if the time of day makes a difference — or the day of the week?  These and other fascinating factoids are covered in a report about online B2B buyer behavior.  The report was assembled by and recapped by the smart and prolific Shelly Kramer.

Facebook Knows What You Were GOING to Share — but Didn’t!  (Techaeris)

Privacy issues are endemic with social media, and Facebook has been responsible for its share. Here Alex Hernandez highlights a Time report about the social network’s latest admission on what it knows about you. Facebook can read not only what you share, but also what you typed into the text window and decided NOT to post.  So remember that.

The Resume is Dead — Unless It’s on YouTube (Venturi)

Your business will be looking for talent in a completely different way in the near future. And the best of that talent will likely be looking for you in a totally new place, writes Kerry Voellner. Think YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and, of course, LinkedIn — to find future employees.

Giving Thanks via YouTube (YankeePrepper)

Speaking of YouTube, we want to point out a video “thank you” we found on YouTube.  A business owner who goes by the name “YankeePrepper” gives thanks for selling a business, selling a building to yet a different buyer (he calls it almost miraculous), and starting a new online business selling coffee during the year.  Business owners and marketing managers often tell us they’d like to do video, but can’t think of how to use it for their businesses.  If that describes you, check out this personalized example.

Which Images Get Better Engagement on Instagram? (SiteProNews)

If you want to know the kinds of Instagram images that get more likes and, in general, drive more engagement, look no further. Though no one can predict exactly how an Instagram image (or any other content) will be received, this infographic from will get you thinking.

Scale Your Software Startup (One Million by One Million)

Super-savvy startup guru Sramana Mitra talks with Nick Mehta, the CEO of Gainsight. The Bay Area-based B2B firm works to help SaaS companies retain existing customers while acquiring new ones.  That’s a common challenge for businesses.

In Defense of Content Marketing (Certified Hosting)

There’s a reason content is so often talked about by companies working to market a product these days. It’s because it works, according to Kent Roberts. Here he shares some of the reasons why.

Blogging as Your Business (BizSugar Blog)

Sure, blogs can be an effective way to market your business and drive traffic. But, truth be told, blogs can be an effective publishing business, too, for some. Jane Sheeba tells us more.

The Best Way to Train Employees (People Management Consulting)

If you want to get the best out of your people, the right training is an important component. Cecil Wampler gives us a glimpse of what that training should look like and then answers a few questions in the BizSugar community.

Move Ahead Despite Your Fears (New Hampshire Writers’ Network)

Here is as encouraging a message as we’ve seen anywhere for the coming New Year — or for anytime you face a challenge. Business writer Linda J. Jackson points out there’s a first time for everything. So don’t be afraid of trying something new in your business career.

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