Spotlight: Personal Experience Leads to a Winning Business with Ria’s Beauty Collection

rias beauty collection

Personal experience can be one of the most effective drivers for a successful business. If you create a product that solves a problem for yourself, you’ll likely find customers with the same needs. This is basically how Ria’s Beauty Collection got started.

The founder actually had the idea for the business for years. And she finally got the motivation and drive to take the leap. Read about her journey in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides specialty hair and skin care products.

Founder and CEO Marie Davis told Small Business Trends, “Ria’s Beauty Collection specializes in skincare and haircare products for those experiencing difficulties with skin and hair issues. Our products are handmade, natural, unrefined and made with the best quality ingredients for everyone of all skin types.”

Business Niche

Offering a wide array of scents.

Davis says, “Most customers prefer a variety of scents to choose from instead of one. If you don’t have it, most of the time they’ll find it elsewhere. So, we make sure we have a huge selection to choose from.”

How the Business Got Started

Because of a family suggestion.

Davis explains, “Ria’s Beauty Collection got started at the advice of my youngest daughter. Since I was always unsuccessful locating products that benefited my skin condition (eczema).”

Biggest Win

Partnering with Walmart.

Davis says, “Walmart invited us to partner with them. And it’s been wonderful. This has given us additional exposure and more opportunities in other areas.”

Biggest Risk

Starting the business in the first place.

Davis adds, “Ria’s Beauty Collection should have started in 2013. But it was delayed for two years due to lack of confidence, comparing myself to others, and age played a factor (55 years old at the time). In 2015, I finally decided to proceed with Ria’s Beauty Collection. This has been the best decision ever. And I’m glad I took the risk.”

Lesson Learned


Davis explains, “I’m extremely independent and prefer to do things myself and not rely on others. In business, you can become overwhelmed very easily if you don’t delegate. This can also cause you to come to a decision to terminate the business.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

A variety of growth strategies.

Davis says, “The money would be used for expansion, employees, inventory, and more.”

Favorite Quote

“I can show you, better than I can tell you.”

Davis says, “This is my mom’s quote. It took a while before I understood it, but I finally got it.”

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Image: Ria’s Beauty Collection, Marie Davis

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