RIM Introduces the BlackBerry 10 Beta

One of the companies that led the way in mobile business technology, Research in Motion, Ltd., introduced its BlackBerry Beta 10 to press and developers earlier this week. While the industry is waiting with baited breath to see how business users will respond, here’s another look at how mobile is transforming business everywhere.

Mobile Milestones

A good beginning. Expected to be available to consumers and business users in January or sometime later in 2013, the BlackBerry 10 has already partially won over critics. In a video overview, tech writer Dieter Bohn admits being impressed with the device, but says it remains to be seen whether the new BlackBerry catches on. The Verge

The PC paradigm. Despite the importance of the mobile market that yet another device represents, startup businesses and online entrepreneurs continue to focus upon desktop or laptop-based products and services first. Blogger M.G. Siegler insists it’s time to make mobile more than just an afterthought. Massive Greatness

Data Directions

The results are in. If you haven’t yet thought about the importance of mobile technology to your business, this post from blogger Scott Dudley should give you plenty of food for thought. Drawing from data supplied by Google, Dudley shares insights pointing out the latest mobile trends and where they are leading. Mobile Marketing Answer Man

Another perspective. This post and infographic look at the ongoing mobile trend by examining the proliferation of mobile devices and their uses by consumers. The increase in the number of these devices and their popularity will lead to more opportunities for mobile marketing. Fusion Alliance

Tech Transitions

I’ll take mine to go. Of course, mobile devices and the apps they use are helpful to businesses for much more than marketing. They can also be helpful for productivity by giving you access to your files, staff, social media, transactional data, and expense information while on the road and away from the office. Merchantos

Conference call convenience. And, hey look! You can even gather the troops without actually…er…gathering the troops. Take a look at technology that makes conference calls affordable and mobile from your smartphone. Keep in touch with your staff while on the run and out of the office. Smallbiz Technology

Get moving on the Web. Of course, the most important question for businesses to answer is whether their Websites are mobile-ready so customers on mobile devices can access them easily. Fortunately, getting your business site primed for this portable pump is easier than you may think. Search Engine Journal

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