RingCentral Call Management Now Available in Zoho CRM

ringcentral call management

There are two things that businesses of all sizes need: call management and customer relationship management (CRM).

After all, if you are not properly maintaining each client’s calls, orders and overall satisfaction, it will be very difficult to turn them into a repeat customer. Because of this, it is common for businesses to utilize CRM tracking software and cloud-based call management together.

Effective immediately, RingCentral’s call management has been integrated into Zoho’s CRM with the intention of making this entire process as easy as possible, the company says. 

What Do These Services Actually Do?

Zoho’s CRM software contains a robust list of tracking options, including finances, human resources, sales, marketing, emails and internal collaboration. In other words, from one dashboard, you can control most of the numerous factors that determine how effective your marketing and customer service is at retaining customers.

RingCentral’s cloud-based call management enables all of your employees to connect to your phone system via the Internet. From there, the owner can take control of all phone-related functions from his or her smartphone or desktop. Using this type of system also makes it possible for employees to use their own cellphones without giving their personal phone number to clients. Instead, customers call a unique business number that is routed to the applicable smartphone.

How Will RingCentral Call Management Help My Company?

Imagine, for a moment, that you are speaking to a client who is interested in placing a second order with your company. In the past, you may have been required to look in multiple places to get all of the data that you would need to properly assist the client and track the call.

However, having call management and CRM in one piece of software means that you will instantly be able to access everything about the client’s account, including details from their last phone call. Additionally, all of the new information from your existing call will be logged in one place for future reference. This process has been designed to speed up each sales call, which means that your team should be able to speak to more people on a daily basis.

Zoho’s Bold Approach to CRM

The new partnership between Zoho and RingCentral is making headlines, but this is not the first time that Zoho has captured a lot of media attention. Earlier this year, the CRM software company launched what the media dubbed as a guerrilla advertising campaign during San Francisco’s Dreamforce event. The company placed ads all over the Powell Street Station, a major hub of the Bay Area Rapid Transit System.  This put Zoho in front of hundreds of thousands of commuters, and it also providing a platform for company growth.

The decision to incorporate RingCentral into Zoho’s CRM software is the next step in a bold approach that has already brought in approximately 15 million users, including Adobe, Oracle and HP, the company says. Although some companies still rely on paper files and Excel spreadsheets, CRM software is rapidly making this type of antiquated tracking method undesirable. With the convenience that CRM and call management provides to businesses, it will not be surprising customers for these kinds of  services continue to climb.

Image: RingCentral

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