Rocket Lawyer On Call For Legal Assistance

For individuals and businesses in need of legal assistance, finding an attorney with the right expertise can seem like a daunting task. And likewise, individual attorneys and small law practices can sometimes have trouble finding the right clients to keep their business moving in the right direction.


Attorney network Rocket Lawyer has recently launched a new service called On Call, which aims to help connect attorneys and small law practices with new clients, without all the extra work normally involved in setting up a marketing campaign.

According to a Rocket Lawyer study, many solo attorneys and small law practices feel they need a more efficient way to reach new clients. Focusing on marketing efforts and reaching out to new clients might be easy for large law firms, but for small businesses, that type of work can just take up time that could be used for actually providing legal services and running a business.

Said California-based On Call attorney, Mark Ruiz:

“As a solo practitioner, On Call membership helps minimize my anxiety behind client acquisition as there is always a steady stream of potential clients on the site seeking legal services.”

Once attorneys sign up and are admitted into the program, they will receive access to pre-screened potential clients, Rocket Lawyer’s library of legal documents, and their own profile page on the Rocket Lawyer website.

The Rocket Lawyer team actually interviews potential clients up front and provides information to attorneys so they can decide which cases might be the best fit for their practice.

The attorney profile pages on Rocket Lawyer’s site can include pertinent information about the practice, such as areas of expertise and pricing, so that potential clients can learn more about the attorneys that can help their case.

Both lawyers and other small businesses needing legal help could benefit from this type of program. Users of the site can choose from a list of practice areas, including business law, intellectual property, and several other types that may be pertinent to small business owners.

Rocket Lawyer offers a basic plan and a professional plan for individuals and businesses seeking legal assistance.

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