Rocket Lawyer Launches Tax Prep Tool for Small Business Owners

A new tool has been launched by legal services platform Rocket Lawyer for small business owners who find preparing and filing their taxes stressful and confusing.

Rocket Lawyer Launches Tax Prep Tool for Small Business Owners

The new Rocket Tax works by pairing customers with licensed and experienced tax professionals to make the process simpler and more convenient. It is marketed as ‘affordable for everyone’, and will certainly be useful to some business owners who struggle with taxes.

tax prep tool for small business owners

An Alternative Resource for Business Taxes

Rocket Lawyers conducted some research which revealed the vast majority of small business owners have tax filing concerns, though only half of those with concerns are actually working with a tax professional.

The founder and CEO of Rocket Lawyer, Charley Moore, said: “In today’s environment, when businesses are concerned about rising costs, lack of resources and other business challenges, it’s important to eliminate the hassle related to taxes and offer a simplified process, so we’re telling customers, ‘Don’t do your taxes – let us do them for you’.”

How Rocket Tax Works

Rocket Tax allows users to easily scan and upload tax documents using their phone, with Rocket Tax providing the expertise and security of working with a licensed professional at what the company describes as an ‘affordable, transparent price’.

In the Rocket Tax press release, the company explain: “Powered by the Rocket Legal Cloud, Rocket Tax includes seamless integration with partners like Taxfyle, a tax filing platform that is trusted by more than 200 CPA firms. In addition, every existing Rocket Legal Cloud customer and platform partner will gain access to the benefits of Rocket Tax.”

Most Common Tax Errors

Rocket Lawyer also revealed that the top three tax filing mistakes were math errors and lost opportunities for deductions and credits, along with not knowing what documentation is needed. Working with a tax professional would certainly help eliminate such errors.

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