Running a Business Takes Action, Planning

Running a business takes action and planning. There are times when being the boss means decisions must be made quickly with limited information and limited time. However, long-term it is also helpful to have  plans for day to day operations and growth. Today’s wrap-up looks at both sides of this critical balance.

Decision Time

How to be in charge. Whether you’re dealing with clients, customers, or employees, it’s important for you to do your best to  respond appropriately to problems in your business as a leader. Do you take leadership when necessary in your business? You’re the Boss

The best social media channels. Social media can be a cheap and effective means of marketing your business startup, especially in the early days when prospects are thin. But which channel is most effective for your particular small business, product or service? WSJ

Marketing & Startup

Important guest blogging tips. Guest blogging is another inexpensive and effective way of promoting your business, brand, or expertise. But how can you be sure your guest posts will be accepted every time and anywhere you pitch them? Socialmouths

Calming your startup fears. Are you concerned about making that big leap and starting your first business? Here are some tips to help you calm your fears. It’s time to get started with your small business ambition today! Learn About

Operations & Growth

How will your business beat the odds? It’s important to understand that small business success is based on more than just luck. Certainly, every business faces challenges, however, so success is based on narrowing the odds. Startup Professionals Musings

Work smarter, not harder. Do you have an ambition to increase your business revenue or style, but think it will take more work in order to get your small business to the next level? It may not. Learn to improve what you do without putting in more time. Marie Forleo

Tips For Success

Starting a local business. There are some tips you won’t want to forget when starting a local business. Not surprisingly, planning is among the most important things to remember. What advice would you give about starting a local business? Small Business CEO

Better engagement with a few simple steps. Improving your ability to engage with others isn’t about having innate social gifts. Instead, it’s about incorporating best practices into your efforts when engaging with others and working to improve your skills. IdeaBloke

Moving Forward

Mentoring tomorrow’s small business leaders. Giving a helping hand to tomorrow’s business leaders may be the first step in building a stable future out of today’s uncertain economic environment. Do what you can to help by mentoring the business leaders of tomorrow. BizSugar Blog

Tips for business expansion. When it comes time to expand your existing business, what is the best approach? In most cases there are several options open. Read the above link for one example of expansion possibilities. BizCompare

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