Spotlight: Rush Bowls Puts a New Twist on Healthy Eating

Spotlight: Rush Bowls Franchise Puts a New Twist on Healthy Eating

Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in healthy and natural food options. And that interest in health food has opened up new opportunities for businesses like the Rush Bowls franchise.

Rush Bowls offers unique menu items that consist of blended fruit and other healthy ingredients. Read more about the business and the story behind it in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Serves nutrient-rich bowls in a quick service atmosphere.

Founder Andrew Pudalov told Small Business Trends, “A Rush Bowl starts out with the finest all-natural fruit blended extra thick and creamy, to which we add nutrients, protein, juice or milk and an assortment of decadent yet wholesome ingredients. We top things off with crumbles of crunchy granola & a drizzle honey. It’s a complete meal in a bowl disguised as a sinful indulgence.”

Business Niche

Making it easy for people to eat healthy foods.

Pudalov says, “Our customers return time and again because they know they are consuming optimal nutrition on the go that tastes great. For customers with dietary restrictions, such as wheat-free, dairy-free, nut-free and more, they feel confident they can adhere to their diets without sacrificing taste, nutrition or quality.”

Spotlight: Rush Bowls Franchise Puts a New Twist on Healthy Eating

How the Business Got Started

After Pudalov left his Wall Street job to help people eat healthy.

Pudalov explains, “What started as a desire to offer people in the community food based on honest ingredients and delicious recipes, has grown into a wholesale line available at select grocery stores and a franchised concept that is spreading out nationally.”

Biggest Win

Finding a customer base that loves the product.

Pudalov says, “Knowing that you have a loyal following over many years and that we can help people make healthy choices.”

Lesson Learned

Customer experience is key.

Pudalov explains, “Coming in as an executive in the banking world, food is a different animal, but most well-run companies want to make sure they provide a great customer experience.”

Spotlight: Rush Bowls Franchise Puts a New Twist on Healthy Eating

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000


Pudalov says, “I would use it to figure out ways to improve the business, whether it is innovation, new design or advertising in a creative way. Anything that would get new customer interested in trying our products.”

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  1. Fast food is definitely getting reinvented. This is evidence that the market is becoming more health-conscious. I love that we have tons of options now.

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