Sales Advice for Small Business Today

You know how important sales is to your small business. That’s why we’ve created this small business news roundup focused on sales advice to help you. Increasing your sales is the simplest and best way to grow your business with better cash flow and more satisfied customers to spread the word and bring back referrals. Here are some thoughts about how to boost your sales and how to fix problems as they arise.


Why honesty is the best policy. For sales people worried only about commissions and quotas, this can be hard medicine to swallow. For a small business whose bottom line and survival can hang in the balance, doubly so. But the fact is that honesty and integrity can have incredible power to benefit your business in the long run. Todd Youngblood’s SPE Blog

How to stop loosing out. Sales can sometimes be a mystery, even to the pros. Why do you close some sales while others get away. For small businesses and startups depending upon every sale to survive, it’s important to figure out what could be going wrong on those all important sales calls. Here are a few things to watch for. Open Forum

Be Prepared

Some thoughts on building your sales team. Unless you plan to do it all yourself, creating a sales team is key to your success? Gary S. Hart leads us on a meditation about the qualities that make anyone great and that are probably things to consider when choosing anyone who will be going out and representing your product, service or brand. Sales du

Building a better sales week. S. Anthony Iannarino’s “8 Steps to Building a Model Sales Week” will inspire any sales team, even a sales team of one. Sales are the key to your small business’s growth. Whether you’re a sales pro, a startup entrepreneur or the leader of a small business sales team, this strategy should help you get what you need most. The Sales Blog


The art of the cold call. You might or might not be in the position of having to eventually call up and ask for that first sale. It will likely depend upon your business, whether you hire a sales team or do most of the selling yourself or whether you are even running a business in which a sales call is appropriate. Should you ever find yourself in the position of needing to pick up the phone and talk to that prospective client totally or relatively cold, here’s a post to make the job easier. The Pipeline

Changing your approach. Are you selling your product or service or trying to solve a client’s problem? If you’re doing the former, does Elaine Rogers have some suggestions for you! You see, the world has changed and so must your approach to selling. Need more explanation on how to get started in a whole new direction? Read on. Tweak Your Biz


Adding value and boosting profits. When selling more of your product or service isn’t necessarily possible or wanted and doesn’t fit your core market’s needs, try adding value to your existing products or services instead. Add value that customers want or need without increasing the cost of your product or service and you’ve found a magic formula to boost your sales overnight. Open Forum

Actor Wayne Rogers of M*A*S*H: success comes down to sales. Perhaps best known for his role as Dr. Trapper John McIntyre during the early days of the hit series M*A*S*H, Wayne Rogers has also spent years as an entrepreneur. Click through to read the article and watch the video interview as Rogers explains how most business failures come down to sales. WSJ

New Directions

A brand new pitch: It’s all about the retailers. A European tire manufacturer has found there’s more than one way to market their product and boost their profits. Instead of heavy advertising or other marketing to expand brand awareness, they rely on the quality of their product and motivating independent salesmen to sell more of it. Bloomberg Businessweek

Sale of your business is also an option. As the economy continues to recover, interest in buying small businesses has also increased. Larger companies with plenty of cash reserves are looking to make some purchases and both equity buyers and strategic acquirers are on the lookout for opportunities. You’re the Boss

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