Sales Automation Software: 35 Top Picks for Small Businesses

Sales automation software is a game-changer for small businesses, increasing efficiency and driving growth. This article looks at the top 35 picks, providing insights into each option. From CRM systems to lead generation tools, we’ll highlight features, benefits, and applications. Find the right software to boost productivity and revenue.

What is Sales Automation Software

sales automation software

Sales Automation Software makes sales easier by automating tasks and improving efficiency. This can help teams make more sales, save money by reducing the need for sales outsourcing, and freeing up employees to focus on other impactful tasks.

Key Functions of Sales Automation Software Tools

Sales Automation Software is a set of tools that make selling easier. They can do things like finding potential customers, keeping track of contacts, and reporting sales data. These tools also automate emails, integrate with customer databases, provide helpful information, and streamline workflows. The goal is to save time and help sales teams work more effectively.

The Role of Sales Automation Tools in Business

In today’s competitive world, sales automation tools are essential for businesses. They help companies sell their products or services in a smarter way. These tools manage leads, keep track of customer interactions, and build relationships. By automating repetitive tasks and giving useful insights, they let sales teams focus on connecting with customers and closing deals. Ultimately, they help businesses make more sales, earn more money, and keep customers happy.

The Impact of Sales Automation on the Sales Process

Sales Automation significantly impacts the sales process, enhancing lead generation, improving sales forecasting, boosting productivity, and empowering sales reps.

Enhancing Lead Generation

Sales automation software optimizes lead generation by streamlining processes, improving lead quality, and increasing the number of potential customers. It automates lead capturing, nurturing, and scoring tasks, enabling businesses to efficiently identify and prioritize valuable leads.

Improved Sales Forecasting

Sales automation tools utilize data to enhance sales forecasting. By analyzing past sales data, customer behavior, and market trends, these tools provide valuable insights for predicting future sales trends and identifying potential opportunities. This helps businesses make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively.

Boosting Sales Productivity

Sales automation software boosts sales productivity by automating repetitive tasks like data entry, email follow-ups, and scheduling. By eliminating time-consuming manual work, sales reps can focus more on strategic efforts like building relationships, qualifying leads, and closing deals. This leads to increased efficiency and better utilization of their time.

Empowering Sales Reps

Sales automation software empowers sales reps by eliminating repetitive tasks and providing them with valuable tools and insights. With automated workflows, CRM integration, and real-time data access, sales reps can concentrate on engaging with customers, understanding their needs, and providing personalized solutions. This improves their effectiveness and enables them to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Choosing the Best Sales Automation Software Programs: Our Methodology

Selecting the right sales automation software can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of a small business’s sales process. Here’s our methodology for evaluating sales automation software, rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most crucial:

  1. Ease of Integration (5/5):
    • Compatibility with existing CRM and business tools
    • Simple integration process with minimal downtime
    • Data sync across platforms without errors
  2. Automation Capabilities (5/5):
    • Advanced automation for repetitive tasks (email campaigns, follow-ups)
    • Trigger-based actions for timely engagement
    • Customizable workflow automation to match sales processes
  3. User Interface and Usability (4/5):
    • Intuitive and clean user interface
    • Minimal learning curve for new users
    • Accessibility across devices (desktop, mobile)
  4. Lead Management (5/5):
    • Efficient lead capture and organization
    • Scoring and segmentation for prioritization
    • Tracking interactions and engagement history
  5. Reporting and Analytics (4/5):
    • Comprehensive reports on sales activities and outcomes
    • Customizable dashboards with key metrics
    • Insights for data-driven decision-making
  6. Scalability (4/5):
    • Software’s capacity to grow with the business
    • Flexible pricing plans for different business sizes
    • Ability to handle increased volume of leads and clients
  7. Customer Support (4/5):
    • Availability and quality of customer service
    • Access to training resources and tutorials
    • Responsive technical support
  8. Email Integration and Marketing Tools (3/5):
    • Integration with email platforms for seamless communication
    • Tools for creating and tracking email campaigns
    • Templates and personalization options
  9. Collaboration Features (3/5):
    • Tools for team collaboration and communication
    • Shared views and reports for alignment
    • Access controls for different team roles
  10. Security and Compliance (5/5):
    • Data encryption and secure storage
    • Compliance with data protection laws
    • Regular backups and reliable system uptime

By meticulously assessing sales automation software against these criteria, we aim to recommend solutions that not only streamline the sales process but also contribute to higher conversion rates and improved customer relationships.

The 35 Best Sales Automation Tools

The 35 best sales automation platforms below encompass a range of solutions designed to enhance sales processes, boost productivity, and optimize customer engagement. Let’s take a look at them…

1. HubSpot

sales automation software

HubSpot’s Sales Hub is a powerful sales software that simplifies the sales process by centralizing tools and data on a user-friendly CRM platform. It offers email templates, call tracking, and automation features. Users praise its effectiveness and benefit from 24/7 customer support and educational resources.

2. Zapier

sales automation software

Zapier connects your tools to streamline processes. It offers free access and supports more apps than any other platform. Build custom workflows, automate tasks, and integrate AI tools. Join over 1.8 million businesses and experience the power of Zapier.

3. EngageBay

sales automation software

EngageBay is an affordable, all-in-one software for marketing, sales, and support. It includes a free CRM and offers various tools like email marketing, automation, and lead generation. Designed for small businesses, it helps acquire, engage, and convert visitors into satisfied customers.

4. Sender

sales automation software

Sender is an email marketing platform that helps businesses connect with customers and boost revenue. It offers easy-to-use tools for creating branded emails, responsive templates, and advanced features like automation. With flexible pricing plans and integrations with popular platforms, Sender is trusted by over 180,000 companies worldwide.

5. SalesBlink

sales automation software

SalesBlink is an AI-powered sales automation tool trusted by 1000+ teams. It offers features like ChatGPT email writing, multi-channel sequences, meeting scheduling, and B2B lead search. Improve outreach, deliverability, and track performance with SalesBlink.

6. Process Street

sales automation software

Process Street is a user-friendly process management platform trusted by top companies. It offers features like workflows, AI-powered design, forms, data sets, and pages to streamline processes and promote knowledge sharing. With AI-powered workflows, teams automate tasks and make data-driven decisions.


sales automation software addresses the challenges faced by sales leaders, such as the need for increased productivity, adapting to new obstacles, and embracing technology. It streamlines sales activities, provides insights, and increases revenue while reducing costs and risks. The platform integrates with many tools and ensures data security.

8. Mailchimp

sales automation software

Mailchimp is a top email marketing brand offering tools for revenue growth. With AI, segmentation, and integrations, it enables targeted messaging. Founded in 2001, it was acquired by Intuit. They support small businesses and invest in nonprofit organizations.

9. InsightSquared

sales automation software

InsightSquared offers powerful sales forecasting and analytics tools with 350+ pre-built reports. It provides automated sales forecasting, revenue analytics and dashboards, interactive pipeline management, activity capture, conversation intelligence, and guided selling. Users highly rate its revenue solutions.

10. Lemlist

sales automation software

Lemlist helps book meetings with 17% of leads by collecting and enriching targeted leads, personalizing messages, conducting A/B tests, and improving email deliverability. Users access resources, templates, and expert advice. Try it free without providing credit card information.

11. Picreel

sales automation software

Picreel is a popup builder tool that boosts leads, conversions, and sales. It offers targeted offers, A/B testing, and easy installation with 700+ integrations. Suitable for any business, it provides free customer support and advanced features like audience targeting and analytics.

12. Mailshake

sales automation software

Mailshake is a sales outreach tool trusted by 49,000+ companies. It increases reply rates by landing in inboxes, automates personalized campaigns across multiple channels, and provides analytics to improve performance.

13. Integrately

sales automation software

Integrately offers eight million+ automation for 1,000+ apps, enabling one-click automation. Recognized as a top productivity tool, it won ProductHunt Golden Kitty Awards and has highly rated live chat support. It’s a user-friendly Zapier alternative with 500+ positive G2 reviews.

14. Aritic

sales automation software

Aritic is a unified automation platform for B2B businesses, offering marketing, sales, service, and productivity software. It provides tailored tools for success, integrates with existing services, and offers a free trial. Trusted by over 2500 customers worldwide.

15. Datanyze

sales automation software

Datanyze offers a Google Chrome Extension for obtaining contact info from LinkedIn profiles and websites. They guarantee accurate B2B contact data, provide market reports, and have upcoming features like icebreakers and contact list management. They serve sales teams of all sizes.

16. Sales Creatio

sales automation software

Sales Creatio is an end-to-end sales management platform recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation. It offers efficient sales process automation, customer profile building, and tools to manage sales of any type. With features like sales performance analytics and low-code customization, it helps accelerate sales operations.

17. Pega Sales Automation

sales automation software

Pega Sales Automation was the highest-ranked vendor by Gartner in 2022. It optimizes sales, predicts customer needs, simplifies processes with AI, and offers features like lead management. Used in insurance, finance, and healthcare.

18. Woodpecker

sales automation software

Woodpecker provides custom products for cold emailing and lead generation, automating follow-ups, ensuring deliverability, and integrating with existing systems. Trusted by 13,000+ professionals, Woodpecker helps scale outreach and drive deals.

19. Chargebee

sales automation software

Chargebee is a subscription management platform for eCommerce businesses, simplifying recurring billing and offering seamless customer experiences. It automates check-out, integrates with existing systems, and provides analytics for data-driven decisions.

20. Zendesk Sell

sales automation software

Zendesk Sell is a modern sales CRM that maximizes productivity, enhances customer experiences, and drives revenue growth. It offers contact and deal management, pipeline visibility, personalized interactions, and reporting. Trusted by businesses worldwide.

21. ZoomInfo

sales automation software

ZoomInfo is a B2B data and software company trusted by 30,000+ businesses. Their RevOS platform offers sales intelligence, marketing automation, candidate engagement, and data management tools. They align sales and marketing teams and integrate with CRM, MAT, ATS, and sales acceleration tools.

22. Pipedrive

sales automation software

Pipedrive is a sales-focused CRM platform trusted by over 100,000 companies worldwide. Its features include visual pipeline tracking, customizable stages, and team collaboration. With 350+ integrations, it helps automate tasks and generate leads for businesses.

23. Salesmate

sales automation software

Salesmate is a CRM software for sales teams. It offers personalized experiences, prospect engagement, sales pipeline tracking, automation, sales intelligence, integrations, and built-in communication tools. It provides a 15-day risk-free trial and personalized support.

24. Lead IQ

sales automation software

LeadIQ is a prospecting platform for SaaS sales teams, helping book more meetings. It identifies prospect data, tracks sales triggers, and composes personalized messages. Highly rated and used by top sales teams, it integrates with many popular tools.

25. Yesware

sales automation software

Yesware is a free sales tool for Gmail and Outlook that helps sales teams improve email outreach. It offers features like email tracking, templates, and analytics. With over 1.4 million users, it’s easy to set up and trusted by sales professionals.

26. Growbots

sales automation software

Growbots is an AI-powered outbound sales platform that identifies prospects, sets up campaigns, and optimizes outreach. It offers a vast database, tailored prospect lists, and self-service or concierge options.

27. Leadfeeder

sales automation software

Leadfeeder converts website visitors into leads by identifying companies, providing insights, and integrating with tools like Pipedrive. Trusted by over 60,000 users, it offers quality leads and data filtering options. Start generating leads from your website traffic now.

28. Keap

sales automation software

Keap is a small business CRM and automation platform. It helps businesses grow revenue, save time, and engage customers through lead collection, personalized automation, marketing, and more. It caters to various industries and offers expert help and resources for learning.

29. Autoklose

sales automation software

Autoklose is a sales platform that helps businesses target prospects with verified B2B leads, engage them through tailored emails, and analyze campaign performance. Trusted by market leaders like DHL and Microsoft.

30. Overloop

sales automation software

Overloop is a Sales Engagement Platform for small and medium businesses. It helps increase revenue through personalized outbound campaigns, including cold emailing and LinkedIn automation. Manage your sales pipeline, track performance, and access top-rated support.

31. PredictLeads

sales automation software

PredictLeads provides structured company intelligence data via APIs, helping businesses identify growing companies, personalize outreach, and understand target prospects. It offers valuable insights on job openings, news events, technographic, and key customer data.

32. GMass

sales automation software

GMass is a mass email and mail merge system for Gmail, offering features such as unlimited contacts and emails, mail merge personalization with Google Sheets, high deliverability rates, automated follow-ups, and campaign-level reports.

33. Rollworks

sales automation software

RollWorks is a leading account-based marketing platform for B2B sales. It helps businesses grow revenue by focusing on the right accounts at the right time. RollWorks offers target identification, cross-channel engagement, and impact measurement, delivering over 5x ROI compared to other ABM vendors.

34. MixMax

sales automation software

MixMax is a user-friendly sales engagement platform that boosts revenue by streamlining processes. It offers personalized email sequences, task automation, interactive dashboards, easy scheduling, and Salesforce integration. Customers praise its effectiveness, while industry accolades validate its success.


sales automation software

Reply is an AI-powered sales engagement platform trusted by 2,500+ businesses. It automates personal communication, handles customer responses, and books meetings. With a B2B contact database, intelligent response handling, and integrations, Reply streamlines the sales cycle.

SoftwareMain FeaturesSuitable forPricing
HubSpotEmail templates, call tracking, automation featuresMedium to Large EnterprisesVariable based on the services
ZapierConnects tools, custom workflows, task automationSmall to Large EnterprisesFree basic access, Paid plans available
EngageBayAll-in-one marketing, sales, and supportSmall businessesFree basic CRM, Paid plans available
SenderEmail marketing, automation, branded emailsSmall to Large EnterprisesVariable based on the services
SalesBlinkChatGPT email writing, multi-channel sequencesMedium to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
Process StreetProcess management, AI-powered design, automationMedium to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
Outreach.ioStreamlines sales activities, provides insightsMedium to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
MailchimpAI, segmentation, integrations for targeted messagingSmall businesses to Large EnterprisesFree basic access, Paid plans available
InsightSquaredSales forecasting and analyticsMedium to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
LemlistCollecting and enriching targeted leads, personalizing messagesSmall to Large EnterprisesFree basic access, Paid plans available
PicreelPopup builder tool, A/B testing, audience targetingSmall to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
MailshakeSales outreach, automates personalized campaignsSmall to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
IntegratelyAutomation for 1000+ appsSmall to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
AriticUnified automation platform for B2B businessesMedium to Large EnterprisesFree trial, Paid plans available
DatanyzeB2B contact data, market reportsSmall to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
Sales CreatioSales management, customer profile buildingMedium to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
Pega Sales AutomationOptimizes sales, predicts customer needsMedium to Large Enterprises, Healthcare, Finance, InsurancePricing available on request
WoodpeckerCold emailing, lead generation, automationSmall to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
ChargebeeSubscription management, recurring billingeCommerce BusinessesPricing available on request
Zendesk SellContact and deal management, pipeline visibilitySmall to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
ZoomInfoSales intelligence, marketing automationMedium to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
PipedriveSales-focused CRM, visual pipeline trackingSmall to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
SalesmateCRM, prospect engagement, sales pipeline trackingSmall to Large Enterprises15-day free trial, Paid plans available
Lead IQProspecting platform, identifies prospect dataSaaS Sales TeamsPricing available on request
YeswareEmail outreach tool for Gmail and OutlookSmall to Large EnterprisesFree access, Paid plans available
GrowbotsOutbound sales platform, tailored prospect listsMedium to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
LeadfeederConverts website visitors into leadsSmall to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
KeapSmall business CRM and automation platformSmall BusinessesPricing available on request
AutokloseSales platform, targeted emails, campaign analysisMedium to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
OverloopPersonalized outbound campaigns, LinkedIn automationSmall to Medium BusinessesPricing available on request
PredictLeadsStructured company intelligence data via APIsMedium to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
GMassMass email and mail merge system for GmailSmall to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
RollworksAccount-based marketing platform for B2B salesMedium to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
MixMaxPersonalized email sequences, task automationMedium to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request
Reply.ioAI-powered sales engagement, customer response handlingMedium to Large EnterprisesPricing available on request

Choosing the Right Sales Automation Platform for Your Small Business

To pick the right sales automation software for your small business, think about its specific needs. Look at things like if it can grow with your business, how easy it is to use if you can customize it, the cost, and if it works well with other tools you use.

FAQs: Sales Automation Software

What is Sales Automation Software?

Sales automation software is a group of tools that help make selling easier. It automates tasks and makes sales processes more efficient. It manages leads, and communication with customers, and keeps track of sales data to help businesses sell better. These tools should be part of your company’s one page marketing plan and sales strategy.

How Can Sales Automation Software Benefit My Small Business?

Sales automation software brings many benefits to small businesses. It saves time by automating tasks, boosts productivity, helps find and manage leads, makes accurate predictions about sales, and improves how businesses handle relationships with customers. This all leads to more sales and better profits.

Can Sales Automation Software Help with Managing Customer Relationships?

Yes, sales automation software can be a big help in managing customer relationships. It organizes customer information, gives insights into target market behavior, and lets businesses communicate with them more effectively. This builds stronger relationships, makes customers happier, and keeps them coming back.

Which Sales Automation Tool is the Best Value?

When determining how to choose the best CRM or sales automation tool, your selection depends on what your business needs and how much you can spend. Look at features, how easy it is to use, customer support, cost, and if it can grow as your business grows. Find the tool that offers the most for your money.

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