Spotlight: Lunar Products and Consulting Help Businesses Sell and Communicate with Customers

Spotlight: Sales Consulting Business Lunar Offers Consulting, Products Related to Sales Tech

There are so many different tech products and tools that can help you market and sell to customers. But connecting all of your marketing, sales and tech can be a bit complicated. That’s where Lunar comes in.

The company offers a number of products and consulting services all aimed at simplifying this area. Read more about the company below in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers products and consulting services to help businesses more effectively sell and communicate with customers.

President Jon Robinson told Small Business Trends, “Lunar fills the void between sales, marketing and technology through its consulting services and products.”

Products include a new SaaS offering for customer communications called Uplink, a lead tracking tool called Shuttle, and a custom Ticketmaster integration solution. And they also offer consulting for Salesforce and Pardot.

Business Niche

Striving to always exceed expectations.

Robinson says, “‘Expect The Moon.’ This is Lunar’s mantra, which drives the team to deliver results that always surpass client expectations.”

How the Business Got Started

As part of another company.

Robinson explains, “Lunar started as the operations department for Launch That, a digital marketing company known for building a network of highly successful businesses and websites. Recognizing the value the operations department provided to Launch That’s clients, Lunar branched off and became its own company.”

Spotlight: Sales Consulting Business Lunar Offers Consulting, Products Related to Sales Tech

Biggest Win

Partnering with Ticketmaster.

Robinson says, “This year, Lunar earned the distinction of being a Ticketmaster Nexus Partner, making the company one of just a few organizations that can offer products that integrate with Ticketmaster data for venues and teams. This “win” was big for Lunar because it opened Lunar’s services to any organization that was previously handicapped by the limited availability of data integrations that work with Ticketmaster.”

Biggest Risk

Spinning out from Launch That.

Robinson adds, “It was a huge risk to take the products and services previously provided to Launch That partners, and bring them to market for any external client. If Lunar hadn’t strategically aligned its offerings with the market’s needs, the company would have wound up with no revenue and a failed business.”

Lesson Learned

Focus on open communication.

Robinson says, “We now endorse open and transparent communication across functions which keeps teams aligned, so that everyone is in sync across products, services, engineering, sales and marketing teams.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Adding to the marketing and sales teams.

Spotlight: Sales Consulting Business Lunar Offers Consulting, Products Related to Sales Tech

Team Tradition

Hot takes.

Robinson explains, “Each week, Lunar holds an all-team meeting called “Hot Takes,” where anyone can include their takeaways, provide reflections, and also inform other team members about upcoming projects or events. It is also a place where all team members can motivate each other and take a moment to appreciate the fantastic work accomplished. The openness of Lunar allows every employee, regardless of title, to share their point of view.”

Favorite Quote

“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.” – Albert Einstein

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Images: Lunar; Top Image: Jon Robinson addressing the team

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