The 10 Best Sales Mapping Software Tools

Sales mapping software has revolutionized sales territory management, bringing transformative impacts to modern sales strategies. Efficient territory mapping has become crucial in maximizing sales team productivity and success.

This article takes a look at the ten best sales mapping software tools that can help businesses gain a competitive edge in their sales efforts.

What Is Sales Mapping Software?

Sales mapping software takes the sales data of an organization, such as client locations, sales volumes, and demographics, and visually represents it on a map. This map-based visualization provides a spatial perspective that can significantly aid in decision-making processes. Here are the key aspects:

  1. Sales Territory Management:
    • Dividing territories equitably among sales reps.
    • Reducing travel time and costs.
    • Ensuring that the sales force is focused on the most profitable areas.
  2. Strategic Planning Support:
    • Identifying high-potential areas for business growth.
    • Aligning sales strategies with geographic trends and patterns.
    • Assisting in expansion plans into new regions.
  3. Informed Decision Making:
    • Analyzing real-time data to make quick, well-informed decisions.
    • Recognizing geographic trends and opportunities.
    • Customizing sales and marketing efforts based on regional characteristics.
  4. Optimization of Sales Efforts:
    • Improving routing efficiency for sales representatives.
    • Targeting specific demographics or market segments effectively.
    • Identifying areas where sales campaigns have been most successful.
  5. Competitive Advantage:
    • Gaining insights that competitors might not have.
    • Adapting strategies in real-time to respond to market changes.
    • Enhancing customer engagement through personalized regional strategies.
  6. Integration with Existing Systems:
    • Many sales mapping tools integrate with existing CRM systems.
    • This ensures a smooth flow of data and helps maintain consistency across different platforms.
  7. Accessibility and Collaboration:
    • Allows team collaboration through cloud-based systems.
    • Accessibility on various devices enables on-the-go insights and planning.

Sales mapping software serves as an invaluable asset for modern businesses aiming to capitalize on their data. By transforming raw sales information into visually intuitive maps, businesses are better positioned to understand their market landscapes, align their strategies accordingly, and respond effectively to opportunities and challenges. The software’s broad array of applications—from territory management to competitive analysis—makes it a fundamental tool for companies aiming to thrive in a data-driven world.

How Can Sales Territory Mapping Software Assist a Sales Team?

Sales territory mapping software greatly assists sales teams in planning and managing their sales territories.

It enables them to visualize customer locations, identify potential areas for growth, and allocate resources effectively.

Without efficient territory mapping, sales teams may face challenges such as overlapping territories, uneven workload distribution, and missed opportunities for expansion.

With this software, businesses can streamline their sales processes, boost productivity, and achieve better results.

Harnessing Geographic Data and Sales Data with Sales Mapping Software Tools

The combination of geographic and sales data plays a vital role in sales, and sales mapping software tools capitalize on this significance for strategy optimization.

By integrating these data sets, businesses can visualize customer locations, identify high-potential areas, and streamline sales operations.

This allows them to make informed decisions, improve sales efficiency, and achieve better results in the competitive market landscape.

Route Planning and Sales Territory Mapping with Sales Mapping Solutions

Sales mapping solutions help businesses visualize customer locations, identify the best routes for sales reps, and optimize territory assignments.

By streamlining these processes, sales mapping solutions enhance productivity, reduce travel time, and contribute to overall sales success.

Selecting the Best Sales Mapping Software: Our Criteria Unveiled

Sales mapping software can be a game-changer, transforming territories, optimizing routes, and ensuring every sales call counts. In the vast landscape of available tools, how can one pinpoint the software that’s the perfect fit? We’ve dedicated time and effort to assess numerous options, and here’s our methodical approach to this task, with each factor rated on a scale of one (least important) to ten (most important).

  1. Data Integration and Visualization
    • Scale Importance: 10/10
    • The foundation of any mapping software is data. We prioritize tools that easily integrate data from various sources and visually represent it in an actionable manner.
  2. Route Optimization
    • Scale Importance: 9/10
    • Time on the road is money. We value software that not only maps out routes but also optimizes them for efficiency, factoring in variables like traffic and distance.
  3. Territory Management Features
    • Scale Importance: 9/10
    • Distributing territories effectively can lead to better sales results. Our focus leans towards tools that offer dynamic territory assignment and management capabilities.
  4. Mobile Usability
    • Scale Importance: 9/10
    • Sales reps often work remotely. Software that offers a seamless mobile experience, allowing reps to access and adjust their routes on-the-go, gets our nod.
  5. Reporting and Analytics
    • Scale Importance: 8/10
    • We appreciate tools that provide insights. Software that can analyze sales trends, territory performance, and route efficiencies stand out.
  6. User Interface and Experience
    • Scale Importance: 8/10
    • Complex tools can slow down operations. We lean towards intuitive and user-friendly software interfaces that make the sales rep’s job easier.
  7. Scalability
    • Scale Importance: 8/10
    • As businesses grow, their software should too. We’re on the lookout for software that scales up with increasing sales team sizes and territories.
  8. Cost-Effectiveness
    • Scale Importance: 7/10
    • While features are crucial, so is the price point. We’ve evaluated the software’s functionalities against its pricing to gauge its value proposition.
  9. Customer Support and Updates
    • Scale Importance: 7/10
    • Reliable support and regular software updates can be pivotal in ensuring a seamless sales mapping experience.

With a comprehensive understanding of sales operations, our suggestions are designed to bolster the sales process, making every visit count. The software options we endorse are based on a meticulous balance of the above criteria, ensuring they resonate with the evolving needs of sales teams.

The 10 Best Sales Territory Mapping Software Tools

Let’s explore the top ten sales territory mapping software tools, each offering unique features to help businesses optimize their sales strategies and achieve remarkable results.

1. Xactly AlignStar

sales mapping software

Xactly AlignStar automates sales territory alignment, saving time, boosting productivity, and increasing revenue. Its interactive map-based interface visualizes opportunities, while cloud collaboration ensures fair territory management and route optimization. Experts highlight its effectiveness over spreadsheets.

2. GeoMetrx

sales mapping software

GeoMetrx offers accurate US demographic data and reports for business decisions. Free access includes 4 reports, limited storage, and basic filters. Paid monthly and yearly subscriptions provide unlimited reports, personalized options, and prompt customer support.

3. Map Business Online

sales mapping software

MapBusinessOnline is a cloud-based mapping software used by businesses to analyze and organize data geographically. It’s affordable, user-friendly, and offers advanced geographic analysis tools. Customers praise its effectiveness in representing data visually and ease of use.

4. Geopointe

sales mapping software

Geopointe is a versatile tool for efficient business trip planning, territory management, and data visualization. It integrates with Salesforce and offers user-friendly features like Marker Customization and Complex Filtering.

5. Maptitude

sales mapping software

Maptitude optimizes sales territories, visualizes data, and maximizes profits. With comprehensive maps and demographics, it offers unbeatable value, starting at $695 with free GIS data. Maptitude 2023 includes up-to-date premium data, enhanced online mapping, and new territory and routing tools.

6. BatchGeo

sales mapping software

BatchGEO is a fast tool for mapping data used by various companies like Amazon, Apple, and more. Users can copy data from spreadsheets, and BatchGEO converts it into pin maps in three simple steps. Users can also map customer leads, sales data, and other information to gain insights and optimize efforts.

7. Mapline

sales mapping software

Mapline’s Geo Management Platform, which is trusted by companies like Walmart and Mastercard, leverages location data for powerful business insights. It offers mapping, routing, and BI analytics.

Geo Dispatch optimizes delivery systems, Geo Scheduling manages appointments, and Geo Operations automates workflows. The platform centralizes data, ensures real-time updates, and integrates with existing systems securely.

8. ZeeMaps

sales mapping software

ZeeMaps is an interactive map tool with unlimited markers. It has 3-level access control, supports multiple input sources, and works on mobile devices. Custom fields, multimedia, and traffic overlays enhance map entries.

9. Badger Maps

sales mapping software

Badger Maps helps sales reps optimize routes, save time, and track performance. Managers can check in with reps and get activity reports. Badger Maps integrates with CRM, saving on gas and increasing sales revenue. Trainers can use Badger to onboard new reps faster, making it a scalable solution.


sales mapping software

SPOTIO is a field sales engagement platform that helps outside sales teams in various industries boost revenue by 23%. It offers a mobile app for reps to stay organized and productive, desktop software for admins to track activity, and integrations for better sales management.

With SPOTIO, teams can access accurate data, optimize sales activity, and make informed decisions for growth.

ToolKey FeaturesTarget AudienceIntegrations & CompatibilityPricing
Xactly AlignStarAutomated alignment, interactive map, cloud collaborationSales ProfessionalsCloud-basedContact for Pricing
GeoMetrxUS demographic data, 4 free reports, unlimited reports with subscriptionsBusinessesN/AFree, Paid Monthly/Yearly Plans
Map Business OnlineCloud-based, geographic analysis tools, visual data representationBusinessesCloud-basedAffordable Options
GeopointeBusiness trip planning, territory management, Marker Customization, Complex FilteringVarious IndustriesSalesforceContact for Pricing
MaptitudeOptimizes territories, comprehensive maps, enhanced online mappingVarious IndustriesDesktop-basedStarting at $695
BatchGeoFast mapping from spreadsheets, pin maps, map customer leadsLarge CompaniesSpreadsheets, Various PlatformsContact for Pricing
MaplineGeo Management Platform, mapping, routing, BI analyticsLarge CorporationsSecure IntegrationsContact for Pricing
ZeeMapsInteractive maps, unlimited markers, 3-level access controlGeneral UsersSmartphones, Multiple Input SourcesContact for Pricing
Badger MapsOptimize routes, track performance, integrates with CRMSales RepsCRM SystemsContact for Pricing
SPOTIOField sales engagement, mobile app, desktop software, integrationsOutside Sales TeamsMobile, DesktopContact for Pricing

The Benefits and Accessibility of Free Sales Mapping Software

Free sales mapping software benefits startups and small businesses with cost-effectiveness, easy access to valuable features, and enhanced sales performance through optimized territories and data-driven decisions.

Using Google Maps in Sales Territory Management

Google Maps serves as a basic sales territory map software, enabling businesses to visualize customer locations and plan sales routes.

Its features include street view, directions, and real-time traffic data. However, it has limitations, such as limited customization and the inability to handle complex sales territory management needs.

FAQs: Sales Mapping Software

How Does Sales Map Software Facilitate Decision Making?

Sales map software empowers businesses to make informed decisions by visualizing data on interactive maps. This enables sales teams to identify trends and potential growth areas, and target customers strategically, resulting in better decision-making. This can work well for direct sales businesses or companies looking to expand to new territories.

How Can Sales Mapping Software Optimize Sales Strategies?

Sales mapping software optimizes sales strategies by providing valuable insights into customer locations, buying patterns, and demographics. It enables businesses to create efficient sales routes, utilize local selling app options popular in their target territories, allocate resources effectively, and tailor their approach using customer sales incentives or other tactics to maximize sales success.

What Are the Key Features to Look for in the Best Sales Mapping Software?

When selecting the best sales mapping software, essential features to consider include interactive maps with real-time data, territory management tools, route optimization, integration with CRM systems and sales automation software, and customization options to suit specific business needs.

How Can a Sales Mapping Tool Enhance Collaboration Among a Sales Team?

A sales mapping tool fosters collaboration among sales teams by providing a centralized platform to share real-time information, collaborate on sales strategies, and coordinate territory assignments. This improves communication and ensures a unified sales approach. As such, use of these tools should be covered in a company’s sales course or training program.

How Can a Sales Mapping Solution Assist in Efficient Management of Sales Territories?

A sales mapping solution streamlines sales territory management by visualizing customer data geographically. It helps identify underperforming areas, optimize sales coverage, balance workload distribution, and make data-driven decisions for efficient territory management.

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