Salesforce Adds Slack AI to its Productivity Tools

Salesforce has unveiled a new addition to its suite of productivity tools with the launch of Slack AI, a generative AI experience designed to enhance how work gets done within Slack. This new feature set aims to harness the collective knowledge within Slack, offering AI-powered search, channel recaps, thread summaries, and more, enabling users to swiftly access vital information, distill knowledge, and foster innovative ideas.

The introduction of Slack AI comes at a crucial time as digital workers face increasing challenges in navigating the flood of information and tools available, contributing to a significant cognitive load. According to Gartner, nearly half of all digital workers struggle to find the necessary information to perform their jobs efficiently. Slack AI promises to alleviate these issues by making internal knowledge more contextual, relevant, and easily accessible, thereby reducing the time spent on information retrieval and prioritization.

Key Features and Benefits

Slack AI introduces several innovative features aimed at improving productivity:

  • AI-powered search allows users to ask questions conversationally and receive concise answers derived from relevant Slack messages.
  • Channel recaps generate summaries of key highlights from specified channels, making it easier for users to catch up on missed conversations or quickly get up to speed on new projects.
  • Thread summaries offer a condensed overview of long discussions, enabling users to grasp the essential decisions and next steps efficiently.

Salesforce reports that customers can save an average of 97 minutes per week by utilizing these Slack AI features, underscoring the tool’s potential to significantly impact workplace efficiency.

A Trusted and Secure AI Experience

Trust and security are at the forefront of Slack AI’s design. The AI runs on Slack’s infrastructure, adhering to the same high-security practices and compliance standards Salesforce is known for. Importantly, Slack AI’s large language models are hosted within Slack, ensuring that customer data remains private and is not used for training purposes or to serve other clients.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Work with Slack AI

Slack AI is not just about the current offerings but also the promise of future capabilities. Soon, users will benefit from a digests feature to summarize key highlights from channels requiring their attention, further enhancing their ability to stay informed without overwhelming their workload. Additionally, Salesforce is developing a native AI integration with Einstein Copilot for Salesforce CRM, promising to bring even more powerful and trusted customer data insights directly into Slack.

Availability and Access

Slack AI is available now as a paid add-on for Slack Enterprise plans and currently supports U.S. and UK English, with plans to expand language support and include additional Slack plans in the near future. This launch also sees the introduction of AI-powered apps from Slack’s partner ecosystem, including upgraded functionalities and new integrations that promise to bring a new level of AI-driven insights and productivity enhancements directly into Slack.

With testimonials from companies like SpotOn, Uber, and Anthropic praising Slack AI’s impact on productivity and decision-making, Salesforce’s latest innovation is set to redefine the landscape of workplace productivity tools. Slack AI is not just a step forward in generative AI technology; it’s a leap towards a more efficient, informed, and connected future of work.

Image: Salesforce


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  1. Seems like AI is getting added everywhere. I hope it helps make things easier for Salesforce users.

  2. The introduction of Slack AI by Salesforce is a game-changer for digital productivity. I’m particularly excited about the future digests feature and the integration with Einstein Copilot, which sounds like it will further streamline our workflows. Thanks for sharing this comprehensive overview – it’s clear that Slack AI could significantly impact how we work and stay informed.

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