Salesforce Integrates Project Management into Slack with New Lists


Salesforce has announced the general availability of Slack lists, a new feature that integrates project and task management directly into Slack. This new addition is designed to streamline collaboration and keep teams aligned, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications. The feature aims to help teams manage projects, inbound requests, and top priorities within Slack, an AI-powered platform for work.

The introduction of Slack lists addresses a significant issue in business: many tools that promise to help achieve goals often fall short. Despite numerous solutions, only 34% of projects are completed on time and within budget. This is partly because employees tend to move their task-related conversations outside of these tools, leading to inefficiencies. Additionally, different teams using various apps create silos and licensing issues, and managing updates across multiple platforms consumes valuable time.

Slack lists bring structure to conversations, allowing teams to manage and track projects from start to finish within Slack. This feature makes it easy to prioritize deliverables, advance work from one stage to the next, and ensure accountability across teams. Whether it’s planning marketing campaigns, product releases, employee onboarding, or managing technology deployments, teams can track everything they need to do in a Slack list.

One of the key benefits of Slack lists is the ability to collaborate on tasks within the platform. Teams can engage in threaded message conversations about specific deliverables, requests, or issues, keeping all relevant discussions organized. This ensures that team members have the context they need to take action, join conversations, and stay aligned with their goals.

Moreover, Slack lists facilitate automation and triage of requests and tasks across apps within Slack. Using Workflow Builder, a no-code automation tool, teams can automate routine work, making Slack lists a hub for managing and triaging tasks efficiently. Sales teams can use Slack lists to stay organized, coordinate on tasks, and plan customer engagements. Service teams can track outstanding issues and onboard new agents with curated plans.

Denise Dresser, CEO of Slack, stated, “With lists, you can turn conversations in Slack into actionable tasks that drive work forward. Now those loose next steps shared in a project channel can be tracked across a team. With project management in Slack, teams across organizations will have everything they need to complete projects faster and increase productivity using the full power of Slack.”

Slack lists will begin its rollout today and will be available to Slack users over the coming months. The feature will be included in all paid plans, enhancing the functionality of Slack for its users.

Image: Salesforce

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