Where Can I Find Salon Equipment to Start My Business?


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Having the right equipment can be incredibly beneficial for helping you distinguish your business from the rest, and provide clients with a unique experience. You can find a variety of equipment for all kinds of salon sizes, types, and budgets both used and new. Depending on your budget and needs, you can find great used equipment that can be used for hair salons and beauty salons.

How much does salon equipment cost?

Budgeting in this case can be a little challenging since the costs can vary. There are a few factors at work when trying to budget for new equipment.

Firstly, prices can vary for used and new items and usually used can end up being cheaper. Secondly, the type of equipment you’re purchasing also makes a difference. For example, certain items such as salon chairs can be expensive, around the $700-800 mark. However, that won’t be necessary for a nail salon where equipment like a manicure chair can cost around $300-400 dollars.

If you already know how to open a nail salon, for example, you can map out the space and max number of clients that can be seated at any given time, and plan a wish list of salon furniture needs accordingly.

12 Best Places to Buy New Salon Equipment

If you’re considering buying new salon equipment, we’ve rounded up some of the best options available. The selected options offer a balance between affordability and quality, and are suitable for different budgets.

1. AB Salon Equipment

Established in 1982, they have both a physical shop in Florida, and an online store, making it easily accessible depending on what you prefer. They offer custom and new salon furniture alongside spa and barber equipment as well.

2. Salon Equipment USA

Salon Equipment USA offers a host of furniture and equipment, including seating, styling stations, shampoo stations, hair dryers and processes as well as color centers. They are a great option if you’re looking for many different types of items, since they also offer multiple options for each type of item. This allows you to find furniture that matches your decor and aesthetic more easily, making it an easier process.

3. Minerva Salon Equipment

Minerva Beauty has a showroom in Georgia, as well as an online shop. Offering deals on wholesale furniture, Minerva Beauty is both affordable and high-quality. They carry salon, barber, and mani and pedi options, making it more multi-purpose and stock a lot of variety for each type of option, making it easier to choose.

4. Belvedere Salon Equipment

Belvedere is one of the best options if you’re looking for high-end salon furniture, offering a comprehensive product catalog and designer services as well. Because they work with many different distributors and networks, you can find Belvedere Salon Eqiuipment across different cities, or online.

5. Collins Salon Equipment Store

Collins offers both made-to-order salon furniture and quick ship salon items, with an emphasis on speedy delivery. All items are created and manufactured in Tenneesee with the option to go to the showroom. Otherwise, you can purchase online or you can find their items through a network of distributors

6. Salon Smart Store

Offering new and stylish items, Salon Smart is an excellent option if you’re looking for trendy salon equipment that is also functional. They stock both hair salon equipment such as shampoo chairs, as well as nail salon products. Their showroom is located in Florida, or items can be purchased online .

7. Cosmoprof Salon and Spa Equipment

Cosmoprof also has both physical locations as well as online shopping for products. You can also choose financing options if you cannot afford everything in one go, so there is a bit more flexibility. They offer all types of items for hair salons as well as spa and nail salons, so there are a lot of choice depending on needs.

8. Keller International Salon Equipment

Keller International offers professional-grade, heavy-duty salon chairs, salon stations, and much much more to help you modernize your salon with high-quality equipment. Their products are both stylish and functional, making it great value when you purchase products for your salon. They also offer quick shipping within 3-8 days, allowing you to quickly set things up for a customer.

9. Wholesale Salon Equipment Company

Similar to Keller, Wholesale Salon also stocks modern and stylish equipment. They have a vast array of products available at affordable pricing, and they also offer financing if needed. Their customer service team is always there for questions, and they have consistently been known for high-quality products that looks good.

10. Sally Beauty Salon Equipment Store

Sally Beauty has been a cornerstone of the industry with their products, and their salon equipment is no different. Their items are cost-friendly and durable, and they also carry a variety of brands that you can easily compare with one another. They offer heavy equipment as well as accessories, making it a one-stop online solution.

11. Buy Rite Salon Equipment

Buy Rite also prides itself on affordability and quality, offering high-end products that can fit your needs. They offer both online shopping as well as showrooms across the country, so you can plan accordingly. You can also customize products in different colors and styles as well, making them perfect for fitting your brand.

12. Amazon

If you’re in a hurry, Amazon is going to be your best bet. Their selection is similar to many of the other sites here since they sell different brands so you can easily find products to fit your needs. While the pricing may vary when you buy from a third party rather than directly from the retailer, there is no denying that Amazon will likely be able to deliver much faster.

Where to Find Used Salon Equipment to Add to Your Shopping Cart

Buying used salon equipment can often be the best solution if you’re looking to save money without compromising quality.

Especially when you’re starting out, used items can be better since you won’t have to invest as much, and once you start taking on clients, you’ll know how to improve and what to buy next. If you’re just starting out, or don’t have as much money to invest in the salon, consider opting for used products.


eBay will likely be your first port of call when it comes to find used equipment. There are different price points available depending on budget, but you will have to do some digging to find products that are in good shape and can be used. As its completely online, you will have to pay for shipping fees.


Craigslist is a better option for finding local equipment quickly. Listings do get sold quickly, so if you see something good, you’ll have to message the seller right away. If you are buying off of Craiglist, you will have to meet the seller in person, inspect the item and pay in cash.

Wholesale Salon Equipment

You can also find wholesale used salon equipment, which means that already discounted items will be further reduced in price. You can purchase online, making it a more convenient option.


Amazon offers both new and used products that you can choose from. Usually, used equipment will be cheaper than buying something new, so it might be a good way to balance out so that you can stay in budget.

American Beauty Equipment Store

American Beauty offer used salon equipment that is deeply discounted, making it a great option. They are a reputable store, so you can trust the authenticity and quality of their items – plus, you can purchase online and have items shipped directly.

Facebook Marketplace

Another alternative to Craigslist is Facebook Marketplace. While prices will be heavily reduced, you will have to meet sellers in person to pick up products and pay them, which can be inconvenient. Items also tend to go fast, so you’ll have to move quickly when you see listings up to snag bargains.

More Ways to Buy Salon Equipment

There are other alternatives as well for buying salon equipment. You can tap into local beauty networks to see if anyone is selling or trying to offload before they move, or get in touch with salons closing down to see if you can purchase from them.

Finding Beauty Salon Equipment

To find the best beauty equipment, you first need to identify what you need. You can start with buying styling chairs, a reception desk, and makeup tools to start with.

You can find great beauty salon equipment from

  • Sally Beauty
  • Wholesale Salon Equipment
  • Salon Equipment USA
  • Collins Salon Equipment

Finding Hair Salon Equipment

Similarly, if you are in the research portion of how to open a hair salon, it’s important to have a strategy and buy key equipment first. This can include barber chairs, styling chairs, shampoo chairs, shampoo bowls, reception desks, dryer chairs, heavy duty commercial vacuum, and general salon furniture.

You can find hair salon equipment at:

  • Cosmoprof
  • Buy Rite
  • AB Salon
  • Belvedere

What equipment do you need to start a salon?

The equipment needed to start a salon will depend on the type of salon you are opening, as beauty salons and hair salons have different needs.

The main items needed are:

  • Salon chairs
  • Supply trolleys
  • Hair styling products
  • Scissors, combs, brushes
  • Makeup tools
  • Reception desk

How do I buy commercial salon equipment?

There are many retailers available where you can buy commercial salon equipment from and many offer both online shopping as well as physical showrooms where you can see products. You can buy used and new commercial salon equipment depending on needs.

Where do salons buy their products?

Salons buy their products from a variety of places, including online retailers and showrooms. Many salon owners also buy used equipment directly from others on Craigslist and eBay as that can be more cost-effective in some cases.

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