SBA Dedicates Week to Celebrate Veteran Entrepreneurs


The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is set to host its 10th annual National Veterans Small Business Week (NVSBW) from Oct. 30 to Nov. 3, 2023. Designed to shine a spotlight on the nation’s nearly two million Veteran-owned small enterprises, the week-long initiative is expected to resonate deeply with the small business community, reflecting the profound impact that veteran entrepreneurs have had on America’s economic landscape.

For small business owners who may have served in the military or are connected to the community, this event promises to be a boon. Offering both in-person and virtual platforms, the NVSBW will engage participants in conversations about the multifaceted entrepreneurial journey tailored specifically to veterans and military spouses.

Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman expressed her enthusiasm and highlighted the significance of this milestone, “This year marks our tenth celebration of National Veterans Small Business Week, but America’s veteran entrepreneurs have made a difference for our communities and nation’s economy for decades.” The commitment of the Biden-Harris Administration towards supporting veterans is evident. Guzman stressed the SBA’s dedication, “This week is an important opportunity for the SBA to connect [veterans] with the resources we offer to help them start and grow their own successful businesses.”

For small business owners seeking insights, advice, or resources, the week’s events have been carefully curated to encompass a variety of essential topics. From transition assistance to access to capital resources, attendees can glean valuable knowledge and tools to enhance their business ventures. The events and their details can be found at

It’s worth noting that the SBA’s commitment to the veteran community is not just an annual affair. Over the past year, the Administration has amplified its focus on veteran-centric initiatives. In January, a significant stride was made with the introduction of the Veteran Small Business Certification program. This program was designed to empower veteran entrepreneurs, allowing them to certify their businesses and compete effectively in the federal marketplace.

Moreover, the SBA’s endeavors to ensure the sustainability and growth of small enterprises have been palpable. June saw the SBA revamp its loan program with a keen focus on extending and enhancing capital access for small businesses, especially those helmed by veterans.

In a commendable move to support military families, the SBA unveiled its new business training program named Military Spouse Pathway to Business. The program is meticulously designed to provide military spouses with resources and guidance as they embark on their entrepreneurial journey, underscoring the agency’s holistic approach to fostering a supportive ecosystem for veterans and their families.

Conceived in 2013 by the SBA’s Office of Veterans Business Development, NVSBW has grown in scope and importance over the past decade. With this year’s celebrations, small business owners, especially those from the veteran community, can anticipate a week filled with learning, networking, and new opportunities to propel their business aspirations forward.

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