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schedule instagram posts

Does your business use Instagram as a part of your social media marketing strategy? Has it felt a bit inconvenient to write and market your content via your smart phone since Instagram is primarily a mobile app?

I don’t know about you, but trying to type on my iPhone is not my preferred way to write.

Do you manage several Instagram accounts and spend your time logging in and out on your smart phone? Would you like to be able schedule some images ahead of time so you can focus on commenting and interacting with your followers?

There are many options to choose from to schedule Facebook posts, LinkedIn shares, Tweets and even Google+ company page posts, but there hasn’t been one for Instagram. But now – that has changed.

There is a new tool for businesses using Instagram called ScheduGram that solves the problem.

What Is ScheduGram?

ScheduGram is a totally web-based way to manage your Instagram marketing.

Every social media network has an ebb and flow where there are peak times during the day when a post is shared and it will likely get the most views, retweets, likes or other interactions. Instagram is no different.

ScheduGram solves this by allowing small businesses and social media marketers to schedule out your key company, product and event images to reach your Instagram followers at the key times when traffic is high. You are also able schedule your posts in bulk to be spread out based on when your followers are likely to be on and respond to your messaging.

How Does ScheduGram Work?

ScheduGram works by providing a way for marketing managers and small businesses to control their Instagram account via their laptop or desktop instead of their smartphones. This Australian based company has created something really useful for marketing campaigns that doesn’t rely on using your phone to write your content and post your images.

You are able to plan out a marketing campaign and schedule out a series of video, images and content in a way that allows you to tell a story with more information. It is a time saver and doesn’t tie you down to holding your phone, trying to type and remember when you want to randomly send out a new image.

schedule instagram posts

Not only that, ScheduGram offers the ability to manage multiple Instagram accounts through one interface without having to log in and out of multiple accounts. Personal accounts, business accounts and even product line accounts can all be managed within ScheduGram.

The Benefits When You Schedule Instagram Posts with ScheduGram

  • Ability to upload photos in bulk.
  • Photo editing and filter application before uploading.
  • Supports multiple Instagram accounts.
  • Allows for posting a regular caption along with utilizing the first comment for relevant hashtags.
  • Scheduling option for multiple time zones.

Monthly plans are reasonably priced (starting at $13) and all accounts start with a 7-day free trial.

How Does ScheduGram Help?

Like the options for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to schedule out content, ScheduGram allows you to maximize your time by being able to pre-schedule content to post online instead of inconsistently trying to post via your smart phone. ScheduGram is a great asset to have in your social media marketing time management plan.

Scheduling your images and writing all of the content you want for each image without having to do it on your phone is a huge time saver. You and your business get to reap the benefits that come with scheduled posting.

Image: ScheduGram

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