Best Self Improvement Apps for Entrepreneurs

Self Improvement Apps

Highly Successful business people, particularly entrepreneurs, often point to substantial personal development as a key factor in their journey to success.

Personal development equips them with a particular state of mind that fosters focus and propels motivation.

It’s interesting to note that for some, this mental disposition seems innate, but for many, it’s a skill cultivated over time, honed with regular practice. Remember, every master was once a beginner.

Countless successful entrepreneurs have woven self-help philosophies into the fabric of their success narratives. Many have leaned on these principles to reach their goals and continue to harness them even post success.

So, if you find yourself looking for some assistance in self-improvement, know that you are in august company.

The road to self-improvement requires unrelenting and consistent effort, and utilizing a self-improvement app that aligns with your journey can be instrumental in keeping you focused and driven.

Selecting the Best Self-Improvement Apps: Our Evaluation Process

Self-improvement is a journey, and in today’s digital age, apps can serve as valuable tools to guide us along the way. But with countless options in app stores, how do you discern which ones are genuinely beneficial? To help navigate this landscape, we’ve examined a plethora of self-improvement apps. Here’s an inside look at our vetting methodology, where each factor we considered is rated on a scale from one (least important) to ten (most important).

  1. Content Quality and Authenticity
    • Scale Importance: 10/10
    • The app’s core value lies in its content. We prioritize apps that provide genuine, well-researched, and actionable insights.
  2. Usability and User Experience
    • Scale Importance: 9/10
    • An app’s design and navigation play a pivotal role in its utility. We lean towards apps with intuitive interfaces and smooth user experiences.
  3. Feedback and Tracking Mechanisms
    • Scale Importance: 9/10
    • Growth involves assessing one’s progress. Apps with effective tracking tools and feedback mechanisms were considered favorably.
  4. Interactivity and Engagement
    • Scale Importance: 8/10
    • An interactive app can keep users committed to their self-improvement goals. We value apps that engage users through quizzes, challenges, or reminders.
  5. Community and Support
    • Scale Importance: 7/10
    • Sometimes, collective growth is more effective. Apps that foster a supportive community or offer expert guidance received our attention.
  6. Price Point and Value Proposition
    • Scale Importance: 8/10
    • While many apps come with a price tag, we assessed whether the benefits and features offered justify the cost.
  7. Reviews and User Testimonials
    • Scale Importance: 8/10
    • Real user feedback offers a glimpse into an app’s effectiveness. We took into account user reviews and ratings.

Empowering oneself is a commendable endeavor. By highlighting the best apps based on our methodology, we aim to offer a curated selection that aligns with genuine self-betterment goals.

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10 Self Improvement Apps to Help You Succeed in Business

In your pursuit of business success and personal growth, it is paramount that you choose an app that truly resonates with your individual needs. The market is teeming with a myriad of mobile and software applications, all promising to steer you towards becoming a smarter, happier entrepreneur. In this guide, we provide you with our top picks, curated to help you navigate your personal and professional growth journey:


How happy are you? And is there anything you can do to improve your mood? The Happier app treats happiness as a skill you can learn with practice. With an easy-to-use, engaging interface and quality content, it has the aim of helping you not only enjoy everyday moments but also handle the difficult times with resilience, a very useful skill for business owners! Use self care apps like Happier to develop a more positive outlook, practice mindfulness and gratitude with a community of people who share the same common goal.

Happier is a free app and available through iTunes and for Android.

Sometimes the best way to improve is with the help of a coach. If you want to boost your personal development, build your career, get in shape or learn a new skill, then the app could be the perfect tool to achieve your goals. You can use it to form a new habit with the habit tracking feature, support from the community and personalized coaching.

The habit tracker part of the app is free while the personalized coaching starts from $25 a week. Get it on iOS or Android. You’ll have a personal coach all your own that’s as close as your mobile device.

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Day One

Lots of activities can help with that entrepreneurial journey. Count keeping a journal of your progress among them. The Day One app is a powerful, easy-to-use journaling tool that lets you keep a daily diary, gratitude journal and workout log all in one easy-to-use place using powerful text formatting with markdown. You can also keep image and sound files, and save inspirational quotes to refer to whenever you need a little motivation.

Day One is available on Android but is heavily marketed towards iOS, where you can use the app on an iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.


The greatest challenge facing most entrepreneurs is to figure out their direction — and stick with it. The purpose of the powerful Remente app is to help you understand exactly what in life you should be focusing on. The app lets you set goals and offers lessons in how to feel good, overcome bad habits, be productive and stay motivated. Use it to keep track of your mood and develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your emotions for a truly interactive and engaging experience.

There is also a special Remente Business app that aims to improve company performance, engagement and results, while providing employees with the tools and insights to influence their productivity and well being. Available on both iOS, Android and multiple browsers.


What do you do when the pressures of running a business are getting to you? Business can be stressful even at the best of times. So if anxiety and depression are hindering your success, then the Youper selfcare app could be exactly what you need. It works like an AI therapist in your pocket that will evaluate your mood every day with some relevant questions, then prescribe the right course of action to overcome your negative state of mind. It’s a truly interactive experience with tons of quality content tailored to your specific situation.

So how much will all of this cost you? As a matter of fact, it costs nothing at all. Available for free on either iOS or Android, the Youper self care app can becalm your mind and protect your emotional health.

Make me Better

You may have heard that entrepreneurs require a certain temperament. Make Me Better is an app that provides a steady stream of high quality personality development articles, self help tips, productivity ideas, motivational quotes and life hacks to help you improve and enhance your personality. The articles are short and summarized, making them easy to remember and put into practice in your daily life.

One important improvement may be in the field of communications. So much business is determined by your ability to get your ideas across to others and the relationships you establish with them. The Make Me Better personality development app can be extremely useful for ambitious entrepreneurs. And it’s available on either iOS or Android.

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When running a business, keeping your spirits up is critical. But sometimes you need some help. Feel good and motivate yourself with the positive reinforcement and affirmation app, ThinkUp. It provides you with personalized affirmations and inspirations every day and lets you build your own self-improvement program using the tools and data collected by the app.

And don’t worry about the cost. It won’t be a problem. The app is free, though some features are only available as in-app purchases. Download the ThinkUp app on iOS or Android. And start lifting your spirits today.

Smarter Time

Is the work of running your own business becoming a bit too much to handle alone? You may not be able to afford a flesh and blood assistant. But thanks to technology, that may not be a problem anymore. The Smarter Time app acts as your personal assistant using artificial intelligence to measure, analyze and improve your time use and habits. It’s designed to learn your habits automatically from your location data and its sensors, as well as from your input. The powerful analytics give you a precise breakdown of your time use, divided into customizable categories.

Getting your own personal assistant has never been as affordable. The Smarter Time app is available on Android for free, though certain features are only unlocked via in-app purchases.

7 Minute Workout

One of the best ways to make yourself feel good and improve your life experience is to be fit and healthy. But finding the time to exercise regularly can be difficult when you are running a business. Now that’s not a problem anymore. With over one thousand high quality exercise variations, the 7 Minute Workout app aims to solve this problem by scheduling just seven minutes of beneficial exercise a day.

The app also has a Smart Workout feature which gauges your fitness and motivation levels to keep you performing at your best. You can download this app for iOS or Android.

My Affirmations

The My Affirmations app helps you change the way you look at life by feeding you constant reminders of the values you want to instill in your mind. It can really help entrepreneurs stay focused on their goals and keep pushing forward with their careers by reminding them of what they really want out of life.

You can make different types of affirmations from a variety of categories appear, showing up as notifications at the time you specify, making this a personalized and engaging experience for users. Download for free on Android, though there are adverts and in-app purchases.

For your convenience, here’s a brief summary of top self-improvement apps aiding your entrepreneurial journey. Explore the list to find your perfect fit.

HappierHelps you enjoy everyday moments and handle difficult times with resilience.iTunes, AndroidFree
Coach.meSupports personal development, career building, getting in shape, or learning a new skill.iOS, AndroidFree for habit tracker, coaching starts from $25/week
Day OneA journaling tool for daily diary, gratitude journal, workout log, and inspiration storage.Android, iOS, Apple WatchN/A
RementeAssists in goal setting, feeling good, overcoming bad habits, productivity and motivation.iOS, Android, multiple browsersN/A
YouperAn AI therapist for mental health support during business stress.iOS, AndroidFree
Make Me BetterProvides personality development articles, self help tips, productivity ideas, and motivational quotes.iOS, AndroidN/A
ThinkUpOffers personalized affirmations and inspirations daily for your self-improvement.iOS, AndroidFree, some features as in-app purchases
Smarter TimeActs as a personal assistant using AI to analyze and improve your time use and habits.AndroidFree, some features as in-app purchases
7 Minute WorkoutProvides exercise options for those with limited time.iOS, AndroidN/A
My AffirmationsProvides regular reminders of the values you want to instill in your mind.AndroidFree, with adverts and in-app purchases

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Frequently Asked Questions

People often have questions about how an app, software or tools can help you focus. We’ve collected a few of the most common questions.

Why is Self Improvement Important?

Self-improvement is the key that unlocks the door to enhancing your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses. It serves as the bridge connecting where you are and where you aspire to be.

Practices like meditation and continual learning can be strong allies in your self-improvement journey.

Moreover, in our tech-driven world, technology can augment your efforts, acting as a companion rather than a crutch. Apps can be invaluable tools, helping you to expand your life skills and magnify your self-awareness.

Is there a way to improve self confidence?

Building self-confidence is a journey, not a sprint. If you’re looking to strengthen your self-confidence, start by honing your life skills and consistently making progress towards your goals.

Self-improvement apps, like the ones mentioned above, can serve as daily reminders to keep you centered on nurturing positive habits, eventually weaving them into the fabric of your daily life.

To find the right tool that matches your growth pace, consider looking for an interactive app that adapts and grows with you.

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Do Self Improvement Apps Cost a Lot?

The financial commitment to self-improvement apps varies significantly. While most of these personal development applications offer a basic version that’s free, they also provide more advanced features behind a nominal paywall.

These in-app purchases are not typically expensive but do come at a cost.

A good practice before making a purchase is reading customer reviews on platforms like the Apple Store or Google Play Store. These can give you insights into the app’s value from a user perspective.

The important takeaway is to find an app that matches your personal development needs and budget.


Successful entrepreneurs often attribute their victories to their persistence and relentless focus on their objectives. These aren’t just business skills, but life skills that hold relevance in all walks of life.

Self-improvement apps act as catalysts on your personal development journey, providing necessary support, insights, and motivation.

However, remember that the apps are just tools; the real driving force is your inner commitment and resilience.

With the right mindset and the aid of these digital tools, you can embark on a transformative journey towards personal and professional success.


Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead is a staff writer for Small Business Trends and has been a member of the team for 7 years. She is based in the United Kingdom and since 2006, Gabrielle has been writing articles, blogs and news pieces for a diverse range of publications and sites. You can read "Gabrielle’s blog here.".