Serial Winner: Automate Success Like a Washing Machine Spin Cycle


"Serial Winner: 5 Actions to Create Your Cycle of Success" is powerful motivational guide to help anyone "stuck" on any part of the ladder of success, whether your first success at something or repeating an earlier one. Larry Weidel's books focuses on the process that helped keep champions in all walks of life repeat winners.

Serial Winner

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Success books often focus on reaching that level of initial success, but are often silent on subsequent success. That’s because most of us are so focused on “making it big” that we rarely give thought to the “after”. What happens after you create that best-selling product or top client? What happens after you win the award, trophy, or mention in the newspaper?

Serial Winner: 5 Actions to Create Your Cycle of Success” is look repeat success. Through the book’s 5-step cycle of success, “Serial Winner” is designed to help readers understand, learn, then duplicate success in a repeatable way.

What is “Serial Winner” About?

Instead of focusing on the team-building motivation behind repeat success, “Serial Winner” focus on the individual process of repeat success. In short, what steps did champions like Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Oprah, and Ariana Huffington take to continue after the spotlight?

The book’s answer is the 5-step cycle “Cycle of Winning” focusing on action, learning, and adaptation.

On the surface, the cycle doesn’t seem too unique until you dig into a chapter.Beneath the surface of this simple cycle are many shortcuts and nuances to success that affect one’s ride through the “Cycle of Winning.” “Serial Winner” highlights these rough areas of success with a combination of story,inspirational lecture, or principle. (Weidel’s favorite tool of choice is story.)

One example of these rough areas of success explained in the book is the “2% zone,” which is the period of time right before a success happens when things are starting to momentum. Weidel points out that many people often quit or make drastic changes at this stage, which is the wrong thing to do. Instead, the focus is on maintaining (or even doubling)your strategies that worked so far until you succeed.

Understanding what you want and where you are in the “Cycle of Winning” is the key component in the book’s solution for repeated success. Repeated success develops from the foundation gained in the last success (hence the the circular shape of “Cycle of Winning”). Without a strong foundation, your success won’t be as smart as the last one.

About the Author

Larry Weidel (@larryweidel) is an author, coach, and sales executive. Weidel rose to his position after losing his first job after graduation,and went on to become a leading builder company, now known as Primerica.

What Was Best About “Serial Winner”

The best part of “Serial Winner” is inspiration and the focus on the “little things” behind success. The book is heavily motivational from beginning to end. Each chapter has some form of “Continue on! You can do it” written into the lectures and story.

The other aspect that is great about the book is focus on the “little things” behind success, the stumbling blocks that often trips us. Weidel takes time to highlight these issues along with an accompanying story or inspiration. This approach,probably stems from the author’s own life as he rose from unemployment to sales executive.

What Could Have Been Done Differently

The book has a clearly defined “Cycle of Winning,” but the actual details have to be drawn out. Weidel focuses on more general instructions, such as “Overdo it” Step 2 of his “Cycle of Winning.” Weidel doesn’t tell you how to overdo the next step in your life. He leaves the reader to figure this out. More detail and examples on how these steps in real life might be helpful for some readers.

Why Read “Serial Winner”

“Serial Winner” is a book for any person who has experienced success, but fears knowing what to do next. Larry Weidel’s provides a useful 5-step cycle that can be used to understand where you are in the “success cycle” and what to look forward to in the next step.

His book also gives guidance to those who feel “stuck” in their pursuit of any goal. The book provides the uplifting inspiration and motivation needed to continue with more than enough stories, lectures, and mental mementos to keep you going.

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