How to Get a Review at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

how to get a review

A lot of small biz owners think that you can only get a review after the customer has purchased their product or service. But what if you could get a review at other times in the buying process to increase your chances of landing a great one?

On The Small Business Radio Show this week, I talk with Shawn Hill who is the Community Director and Fun Delivery Specialist for NiceJob Inc, a reputation marketing software company.

Interview with Shawn Hill of NiceJob Inc.

Shawn says that at any point in the process “you can get a review. But it’s also important for your company to know how you are doing at each stage of the sales process and “cultivate final reviews”. This is critical since at each stage ”word of mouth and reputation can change”. You want feedback at every stage especially if they never became a customer.

Shawn adds that it’s critical to understand all the touchpoints in the customer journey. Reviews at each stage can “give the prospect or customer their social proof” at each point not just after the sale. He believes that it can also mitigate any bad reviews and “reset their expectations especially if they are unrealistic. It is important that the customer feels comfortable at that moment to bring up any issues.”

Shawn says there needs to be at least 20 reviews on your company to be a true competitor in your market; “at that point, it also gets a customer comfortable to leave the reviews on their own.” According to Shawn, you can never have too many reviews but make sure they come in consistently or at least a few times a month.

With bad reviews, prospects want to know how your business will react when things go wrong. Shawn suggests that you “respond by apologizing. Tell them that your company failed to meet their standards and we can work with you to do better.”

Listen to the entire interview on The Small Business Radio Show this week.

Image: Shawny Hill

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