Shipping Tape: Top Picks For Your Business

Best Shipping Tape

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Best Shipping Tape

If your small business ships a lot of packages, it’s important to stay stocked up on shipping tape. Each small business may have different needs or preferences when it comes to tapes. Some may prefer clear tape. Others may opt for heavy-duty versions. Understanding the options can help you make the right choice for the specific items you need to ship.

Here is our list of the top choices in each category.

Best Clear TapeBest Heavy Duty TapeBest Adhesive Tape
Duck Brand Clear Heavy Duty Packaging TapeTape King Clear Packing TapeScotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape
Duck Brand Clear Heavy Duty Packaging TapeTape King Clear Packing TapeScotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape
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Shipping Tape: Great Options From Amazon

There are tons of different attributes to consider when purchasing shipping or packaging tape. Some come in a single roll, while others arrive in bulk. Some have dispensers; others offer a stronger adhesive bond. Here’s a selection of some of the top options currently available in each category. The list below should help with your search for the best tape.

Best Basic Shipping Tape

These options provide a basic solution for those who ship packages occasionally. These options tend to be economical and easy to use. They’re perfect for new businesses or those that ship small items.


Scotch Brand Strapping Tape

shipping tape

From Scotch, this tape is reinforced with fiberglass to handle heavyweight and provide a strong bond. It measures 1.88 inches by 30 yards.

Mr. Pen Packing Tape

shipping tape

This two-pack of packing tapes is known for being clear, smooth, and odorless. From Mr. Pen, it’s ideal for packing and mailing. And each roll measures 2 inches by 60 yards.


Ultra Durable Water Activated Tape

Those who need a strong bond for their shipments can opt for this Craft Gum Tape. It measures 2.75 inches wide by 450 feet long. And it has a water-activated adhesive that is designed to stay put even in rough conditions. It’s also reinforced with fiberglass for an extra-strong bond.


AmazonBasics Moving and Storage Packing Tape

Those who want a simple solution can opt for this pack from AmazonBasics, which includes six rolls. Each one measures 2.83 inches by 54.6 yards. And you can use it with a tape gun, though one is not included.


T-REX Clear Packing Tape with Dispenser

If you just need a small amount of tape for your packages, this option from T-REX is easy and affordable. It measures 1.88 inches by 15 yards. And it comes with a dispenser that’s already attached. It meets postal regulations and provides an instant stick due to hot melt adhesive.


Best Heavy Duty Shipping Tapes

If you need to ship large packages, you need tapes that are up to the challenge. These options provide a strong adhesive bond and enough thickness to stand up to even the toughest taping jobs.


Scotch Tape Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape

heavy duty shipping tape

This packing tape from Scotch runs 1.88 by 800 inches. It includes six rolls, each with its own dispenser for easy to use application. It is also guaranteed to stay put or 3M will refund the purchase price. It includes a strong seal for all boxes.


PERFECTAPE Heavy Duty Packing Tape

This is another durable six-pack of tapes from PERFECTAPE. It’s meant as a refill for those who already have dispensers, so you’ll need to purchase that part separately. Each roll measures 1.88 inches by 60 yards and it offer strong adhesion and decent clarity.

JARLINK Clear Packing Tape

This tape from JARLINK also falls into the durable category because of its strong, quality adhesive. It measures 1.88 inches wide by 60 yards. And there are a total of twelve rolls in the pack. Additionally, it is 2.7mil thick. So it’s one of the thickesr options available. It’s also made to fit into standard tape dispensers or guns, though this doesn’t come with the purchase.


Duck HD Clear Heavy Duty Packing Tape Refill

From Duck brand, this pack of tape includes six refill rolls measuring 1.88 inches by 54.6 yards. The brand says it meets postal regulations for shipping. And it offers crystal clarity for a professional appearance, along with adhesive that is meant to hold up in a variety of conditions.


Tape King Clear Packing Tape

This strong tape from Tape King is especially thick at 3.2mil. It comes in a pack of six refill rolls. And each one measures 2 inches by 60 yards. It’s made specifically for commercial and industrial use. So this may be one of the better options for, especially heavy shipments.


Best Bulk Tapes

If you need a ton of tape options for your business search no more. Here are some options that can keep your warehouse stocked.


iMBAPrice 3 Inches Shipping Packing Tape

bulk shipping tape

Businesses that shop a lot may opt for a bulk option like this one from iMBAPrice. It’s thicker than many of the other options at 3 inches wide. Each roll also measures 110 yards. It’s a brown tape. So even though it’s not clear, it should blend in with most cardboard boxes.


Tape King Clear Packing Tape

bulk shipping tape

Those that want a clear tape in bulk might consider this option from Tape King. Each roll measures 3 inches by 60 yards.


ELFTAPE Packing Tape Rolls

This package of packing tapes from ELFTAPE includes 36 rolls. The transparent acrylic tape can be used for shipping, moving boxes, and various other tasks. Each one is 2 inches wide by 55 yards long.


Duck EZ Start Bulk Packing Tape With Dispensers

This pack of packaging tape dispensers from Duck brand comes with an acrylic adhesive that forms a strong bond. Each roll is ultra-clear and measures 1.88 inches by 22 yards.


Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Tape

From Scotch, this package of packing, moving, and shipping tapes offers durability and ease of use. Each roll measures 1.88 by 54.6 yards. They fit into standard dispensers and come with a box that makes it easy to grab a new roll when needed.


What is the difference between packing tape and shipping tape?

The tape for packing and shipping looks and functions pretty much the same way upon first glance. However, the adhesive used in each one is designed for a specific task. Tape for packaging is meant to stay in place for long periods and hold up to heat, humidity, and other extreme conditions such as longterm storage. Shipping tape is instead meant to hold up against impact and rough handling of boxes while moving.

Can you use duct tape for shipping?

No, you should not use this tape. The adhesive used in this kind of tape does not adhere effectively to cardboard, so there’s a good chance that it will come off or get damaged during transit. In fact, USPS, UPS, and FedEx all caution against using it if you want to ship something.

What’s the best way to tape up a shipping box?

Start by taping the bottom of the box before placing any items inside. Place tape lengthwise across all of the seams. Cut the piece of tape that runs between the two main flaps a few inches longer than needed so it runs up the sides. After filling the box, repeat the process on the top.

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