Spotlight: Ships-a-Lot Helps Ecommerce Businesses Fulfill Orders

Ships-a-lot is an ecommerce order fulfillment service company that helps small businesses. Find out how in this week's Small Biz Spotlight.

Order fulfillment is an incredibly important part of running an ecommerce business. But it’s not always easy. That’s where Ships-a-Lot comes in.

The company was born out of the needs of another ecommerce company. And now it provides fulfillment services for a variety of different ecommerce businesses. You can read more about the business in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides ecommerce fulfillment services.

Co-founder Zach Zitney told Small Business Trends, “We are an ecommerce fulfillment center that works with fast growing ecommerce stores to reduce their shipping costs and fulfillment expenses.”

Business Niche

Focusing on the customer experience.

Zitney says, “We work closely with each client and make ourselves available to them at all times to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction not only for our clients but for our clients customers.”


How the Business Got Started

From the needs of another business.

Zitney explains, “Ships-a-Lot was started by 3 entrepreneurs who were working on another ecommerce business ( As that business grew we needed to either outsource our order fulfillment or figure out how to do it ourselves. After finding that there were very few fulfillment centers that utilized new age warehouse management technology, we decided to start our own fulfillment center.”

Biggest Win

Working with high level Shopify Plus stores.

Zitney says, “These stores ship 10’s of thousands of orders per month. Through simple email outreach we were in contact with these stores and since we knew how to approach ecommerce owners we hit a soft spot with them when it came to order fulfillment. Working with high level Shopify stores meant that we were able to add validation that Ships-a-Lot was the new age of order fulfillment.”

Biggest Risk

Taking on their first big client.

Zitney says, “We knew we had everything in place to make it work flawlessly but as always with the first time doing something there are chances it might not work as planned. In our case we had everything in place to handle it, thus validating that we could handle 100x the order volume. If this would have gone bad we would have ruined are credibility as a fulfillment center and quite possibly been responsible for the losing of our clients customers. In the end it proved that we could continue to bring on larger and larger companies with zero flaws.”


Favorite Team Snack

Pizza and crazy bread.

Company Mascot

A dog CEO.

Zitney explains, “Our CEO is a dog and has over 80,000 followers on Twitter.” (@JackTheCEO)

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Images: Ships-a-Lot; Top Image: From left to right: @JackTheCEO Company mascot and CEO (Yorkie), Max Zitney Co Founder, Zach Lukaszek Co Founder, Maurice Clarett Local Business Colleague, Youngstown entrepreneur and former Ohio State football player, Lance Propst Warehouse Manager and operations, Zach Zitney Co Founder


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  1. Shipping is now quite common to small businesses. With most of them operating online, it is now a matter of getting orders through the medium and having someone ship it for them.

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