Shopify Has Real-Time Reporting for Your Online Store

Shopify Live View Offers Real-Time Reporting for Your Online Store

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What if you could view how your store is performing in real-time right from your mobile device or desktop? Shopify (NYSE:SHOP) has added yet another feature to its platform, giving small businesses more access than ever with Live View.

A simple click on Live View will let you see new visitors, items in carts, customers making purchases and more. And you can do this from anywhere on any device. With this data, you can make informed decisions about your inventory, marketing campaigns and customer engagement.

As small businesses carry out more of their operations digitally, it is becoming much easier to access a wide range of data. Shopify is using the technology to give users more features on its platform so owners can be more efficient.  Live View gives you a quick peek so you can delve deeper into your store analytics based on the information you receive.

Shannon Gallagher, Product Manager at Shopify, said on the company blog, “Before you dive deep into Shopify analytics, it helps to understand the big picture with Live View. Then you can explore the full dashboards and reports for a complete understanding of your store’s activity and performance.”Shopify Live View Offers Real-Time Reporting for Your Online Store

What Can You See With Shopify Live View?

Live View allows you to track the number of visitors on your site at any given moment. Not only that, but you will know where they are globally. Additionally, you can monitor daily totals by sales, orders, and number of visits.

Shopify Live View Offers Real-Time Reporting for Your Online Store

You also get more metrics from your website as visitors view pages and go through the purchase funnel. You can view everything from how many pages are being seen to the number of items added to each cart.

With this type of insight, you can make improvements across each point of contact to make the customer experience more efficient and enjoyable.

The Power of Shopify Live View

It goes without saying this is a very powerful tool. The fact a small business has access to it says a lot about how digital technology has grown in the past decade. With a Shopify platform you now have real-time information about your store, and how your customers are interacting with it. Properly used, Live View can introduce new levels of efficiency and higher ROIs in inventory management and marketing. 


Live View is now available on both desktop and mobile to all Shopify merchants with an online store. If you want to see how you can use the metrics it provides, you can go to the Shopify Help Center here.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, you can take Live View for a spin and see how it performs during two of the busiest shopping days of the year.

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